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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is an experienced private investor from London. He specializes in macroeconomics with his articles often incorporating the state of the economy into specific stock recommendations. In his spare time he's an avid tennis player.

2 top ESG stocks to buy in September

Jonathan Smith outlines his preferred top ESG stocks for the coming month, looking closer at GlaxoSmithKline and AVEVA. More »

The AMC share price jumped 20% yesterday. Here’s what I’m doing

Jonathan Smith notes the impressive one-day gain of the AMC share price, but thinks the potential short squeeze occurring is worth him staying away. More »

3 reasons why I’d buy the FTSE 100 dip now to make long-term profits

Jonathan Smith explains why he can use the recent dips in the FTSE 100 to his advantage when building his portfolio of stocks. More »

I think Glencore shares could be a great buy right now. Here’s why

After strong half-year results and his personal view of higher commodity prices, Jonathan Smith explains his view on Glencore shares. More »

The Morrisons share price jumps on fresh takeover news. Here’s my take on it

With the Morrisons share price jumping again after a new bid is made, Jonathan Smith explains why he's started to get a little concerned. More »

The Ocado share price: is this the beginning of another rally?

After a jump higher in the Ocado share price over the past month, Jonathan Smith explains why he doesn't think this is the beginning... More »

2 stock tips from Warren Buffett that I’m using to boost my returns

Jonathan Smith explains how he's using wisdom from Warren Buffett on stocks to remain patient during volatility and build a strong portfolio. More »

Best stocks to buy now: why I’d invest for both income and growth

By filtering strong historical price returns with an attractive dividend yield, Jonathan Smith tries to find the best stocks to buy now. More »

Deliveroo shares are climbing close to 400p! How high could it go this year?

Jonathan Smith looks at the 56% gain in Deliveroo shares over the past three months and sees further upside if future trading updates upgrade... More »

GameStop (GME) share price: is this the end of the road?

Jonathan Smith explains how he thinks the GameStop share price could be under pressure as the market moves on to new oppourtunities. More »

The Anglo American share price is down 10% today! Should I buy the dip?

Jonathan Smith notes the reasons for the sharp fall in the Anglo American share price and looks to see whether it now offers good... More »

The FTSE 100 is down 178 points so far today! Here’s what’s going on

With the FTSE 100 down almost 2.5% today, Jonathan Smith explains the reasons behind it and what he would do about it. More »

How I can use penny stocks to help generate income now and in the future

Even with most of the focus on the growth opportunities, Jonathan Smith explains how an income investor can still find value in penny stocks. More »

2 top dividend stocks to buy in September with £1,000

Jonathan Smith reviews Admiral Group and National Grid as top dividend stocks that he might buy to try to beat inflation in the coming... More »

FTSE 100 stocks: where I’d invest £5,000 to try and double my money by 2026

Jonathan Smith looks for FTSE 100 stocks in financial services, renewable energy and healthcare as the trends he likes over the next five years. More »

Argo Blockchain shares: with Bitcoin rallying, is now the time to buy?

With a recent resumption of the rally in Bitcoin, Argo Blockchain shares are also lifting. Jonathan Smith examines the correlation more closely. More »

Is Cineworld the best penny stock for me to buy right now?

Despite the Cineworld share price being below £1, Jonathan Smith explains why he has concerns about calling it his best penny stock to buy... More »

Passive income ideas: why dividend stocks remain my favourite way to bank cash

With low minimum investment size and flexibility on the yield chosen, Jonathan Smith explains why he likes dividend shares as a passive income idea. More »

Are Royal Mail shares a buy after falling 10% in the last month?

Royal Mail shares have seen a dip as part of the longer-term rally, making Jonathan Smith question whether it's worth buying now or staying... More »

Inflation-beating investments: 2 stocks I’d consider buying right now

With inflation running above the Bank of England's 2% target rate, Jonathan Smith explains some stocks he'd look to buy as inflation-beating investments. More »