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Mark Rogers (TMFMarkRogers88)

Managing Director

As the Head of The Motley Fool’s UK Investing Team, Mark approaches the stock market with the same old-fashioned business instincts and values that he honed growing up around the family business. An investor for 19 years, Mark specialises in unearthing top-quality under-the-radar investments in the small-cap market. He currently serves as Director of Investing for Motley Fool UK services and Managing Director of Motley Fool UK.

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Mark Stones (TMFMumboJumbones)

Investment Analyst

Mark Stones (TMFMumbojumbones) joined The Motley Fool in 2014 and initially worked as a writer for, before joining the Fool’s analyst programme. Mark earned a BA in English from Loughborough University. Although he spends more time reading annual reports than Russian literature these days, he still appreciates a novelist’s antipathy toward the accepted view, which is a useful attitude when trying to sniff out hidden gems on the stock market. His approach to investing has been largely influenced by the principles of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. He also takes a special interest in the work of healthcare companies. Outside of investing, Mark plays guitar, enjoys good writing and has a guilty passion for combat sports.

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Nathan Parmelee (TMFDoraemon)


Nathan is the most senior member of the Fool's global equities research team, having written for the Fool since 2004 and serving as co-advisor of Motley Fool Global Gains since 2008. Before coming to the Fool, Nathan worked for a well-regarded industrial and financial services company, where he learned the intricacies of corporate acquisitions. His previous life allowed him to see the world -- including a three-year stint in Japan -- but ultimately, it was not his passion. He feels much more at ease evaluating potential investments for Foolish readers. Nathan's investing interests include consumer goods, energy, agriculture, and special situations.

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Sam Robson (TMFSpam)

Editor, Fool UK

Editor in Chief of The Motley Fool UK and MyWalletHero.

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Foolish Freelancers

Alan Oscroft (TMFBoing)

Writer & Community Fool

Alan was originally a software developer and first began writing for the Fool in the late 1990s, when he was the author of the Fool book "Make Your Child A Millionaire". He has been a private investor for around 20 years, and has explored a number of strategies. In his younger days he was dedicated to small cap growth shares and largely followed the ideas of Jim Slater, but with advancing years (and the arrival of his first grandchild), he is turning increasingly to high-yielding blue-chip shares (but with the occasional "blue sky" punt for fun). Alan currently works as a freelance writer and is also part of the moderation team for the Fool's discussion boards, posting as TMFBoing.

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Andy Ross

I have been writing about shares since university and focus on income shares primarily. I am a massive fan of dividends and the power of compound investing. I run my own ISAs, SIPP and LISA.

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Ben Race

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Ben Watson

Freelance Writer

Ben Watson has been investing for the last 18 years, adapting his style through the lessons learnt during that time. Working in the renewable energy sector by day, by night he is a keen reader of economics and financial press. He currently owns a portfolio of growth and income stocks.

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Christopher Ruane

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Cliff D'Arcy

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Conor Coyle

With a background in financial journalism, Conor is a freelance contributor who likes to write about the latest story stocks and seeing where the value lies in the market.

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Dan Peeke

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Edward Sheldon, CFA

Based in London, Edward is a freelance investment writer and analyst whose clients include financial services firms all over the world. Prior to launching his own investment writing business, Edward spent 15 years working in private wealth management and institutional asset management, both in the UK and in Australia. A passionate investor himself, Edward mainly invests in high-quality, large-cap dividend stocks with the aim of building wealth slowly. However, he's not afraid to invest some of his capital in under-the-radar small-cap growth stocks in the pursuit of big gains. Edward holds a Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne, as well as the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.

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G A Chester

Investment writer

Having served the required apprenticeship of a misspent youth, G A Chester began his working life as a horse-racing writer and private handicapper. He has subsequently worked as a writer and editor in a variety of fields, and began contributing to the Fool as a freelancer in 2010. His investing career has progressed from the mis-priced second favourite in the 2.30 at Ascot, through speculative small caps, to conservatively-run family firms and the occasional 'special situation'.

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Harshil Patel

Harshil Patel is an experienced private investor, stock picker and freelance investment writer. With an economics background and a career in equities from London-based investment banks, he has built over 17 years of investment experience. Harshil is always on the lookout for good quality, growing companies, with share prices on the move. He has a medium to long term time frame, and loves finding small companies that have an ability to turn into giants.

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Harvey Jones (Jonesey12)

Freelance writer

I'm a freelance personal finance journalist who writes regularly for the Daily and Sunday Express, The Observer, The National in Dubai and, best of all, Fool UK.

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Ian Pierce

I am a longtime Fool from the States relocated to London. With decades to go before retirement, I'm focused on AIM-listed small caps and growth shares of all stripes. My favourite companies are those that are looking to shake up stodgy industries with fresh ideas. After living and working in China for several years, I also have a soft spot for companies looking to take advantage of the long term potential to be found selling to a 100 million strong middle class.

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Jabran Khan

Jabran Khan has a background in large-scale change management projects and has been a private investor since studying Economics at university. Jabran is always on the look out for small-cap gems that could turn into giants in the longer term.

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James J. McCombie

James J. McCombie has been writing for the Fool UK since August 2019 and has passed the charted financial analyst (CFA) level one and two examinations.

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Jay Yao

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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is an experienced private investor from London. He specializes in macroeconomics with his articles often incorporating the state of the economy into specific stock recommendations. In his spare time he's an avid tennis player.

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Karl Loomes

Having been an investment writer and analyst for more than 10 years, Karl has broad experience across asset classes, though the stock market has always been his main area of focus. Karl started his career as a derivatives analyst for Bloomberg before becoming an equity and commodity analyst for the German stock exchange, Deutsche Börse. Most recently working as a short-selling and securities lending analyst and investment writer for the technology firm SunGard, Karl has worked as a freelance investment writer throughout his career. Karl has been an avid personal investor since his 18th birthday, focusing primarily on fundamental analysis and market trends in his selection of both growth and income focused stocks.

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Kevin Godbold

I’m an investment writer and investor focusing on the London stock market. I run my own pension fund and ISA accounts after a career in management and engineering, which included building up a business from scratch and selling it a few years later.

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Kirsteen Mackay

I love reading and writing about the stock market.

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Manika Premsingh (Manika)

Manika is an economist, writer and investor. Her investing approach, quite expectedly, is driven from a top-down, macro-economic perspective.

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Matthew Dumigan

I am currently an undergraduate student studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university. Having developed an early interest in financial markets, I am now an analyst at my university's student managed investment fund and write regularly for The Motley Fool UK.

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Nadia Yaqub

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Paul Summers

Paul teaches psychology and also holds the CFA Society's Investment Management Certificate (IMC). It won't come as a surprise to learn that he's particularly interested in how behaviour and cognitive errors impact on financial decision-making.

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Peter Stephens (XMFstockpicker)


Having held various senior management positions in the manufacturing sector, Peter founded his own manufacturing company in 1996. This was subsequently sold in 2007. Meanwhile, his passion for investing (which began during the privatisations of the 1980s) remains strong and he couples this with writing for The Motley Fool as a Contractor. His investment style is value-oriented; focusing on company fundamentals, as well as assessing the strength and presence of a competitive advantage. While above-average growth prospects remain very attractive, a greater focus on dividends has crept in since Peter became a part-time retiree in 2007.

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Rachael FitzGerald-Finch

Rachael is a freelance writer passionate about economics and investing, two essential life skills for a Fool. Rachael holds an MBA and has passed the CFA Level 1 Exam. When she's not contemplating macroeconomics or capital structures, she can be found blogging at

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Roland Head (sopavest)

Roland Head has a background in telecoms and IT engineering. This has helped him to develop an investing style that's focused on value, income and quantitative factors. He also has an interest in commodity stocks. Roland has been writing for the Motley Fool since 2012, He holds the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and has passed the CFA Level 1 exam. A keen private investor, he also runs an internet business.

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Royston Wild (Artilleur)

Freelance Writer

I am a financial reporter specialising in stocks, forex and commodity markets.

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Rupert Hargreaves

Rupert is a committed value investor and regularly writes and invests following the principles set out by Benjamin Graham. As well as writing for the Motley Fool, he is the editor and co-owner of Hidden Value Stocks, a quarterly investment newsletter and covers everything value investing for Rupert began his career as a proprietary currency trader and still trades on a daily basis. Rupert holds professional level qualifications from the Chartered Institute For Securities & Investment and the CFA Society of the UK.

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Stuart Blair

Currently an undergraduate law student, my interest in financial markets is particularly focused on analysing the fundamentals of public companies. I enjoy creating a diverse portfolio and currently own a number of growth, value and income stocks.

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Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is an investor who backs growth-stage artificial intelligence and robotics ventures through the Kohli Ventures investment vehicle. Tej Kohli is also the founder of the philanthropic Tej Kohli Foundation whose ‘Rebuilding You’ philosophy supports the development of scientific and technological solutions to major global health challenges, whilst also making direct interventions to rebuild individuals and communities around the world. Tej actively watches over 3,000 stocks in a mixture of long, short and vertical positions, and shares his wisdom online using #TejTalks. Website: | Twitter: @MrTejKohli

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Thomas Carr

Thomas began investing in his teens, just before the start of the global financial crisis, and has been continually investing ever since. He's a big advocate of a buy and hold investment strategy, and finds himself drawn to value and growth investment styles. His interests in technology and economics also push him towards thematic investing.

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Toby Aston

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Tom Chen

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Tom Rodgers

Tom is a freelance financial writer working for some of the biggest and most prominent investing websites in the world.

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Zaven Boyrazian

Zaven is an investment writer and equities analyst. Specialising in corporate valuation, Zaven employs a modern take on the principles set out by Benjamin Graham to identify hidden value in companies that are making the world a better place. He previously worked in the video games industry as a 3D technical artist and holds a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering.

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