Which Motley Fool Service Is Right For Me?

Our mission at The Motley Fool is: To Make the World Smarter, Happier, and Richer.

We offer a range of premium investing services to match the needs of a broad range of temperaments and timelines, interests and investing attitudes.

You might well ask, though, how do you decide which Motley Fool UK service is right for you?

It’s a personal decision, but we can help.

Net worth

If you have less than £25,000 in investable assets, we think either Motley Fool Share Advisor or Motley Fool Hidden Winners are likely to be a better fit for you. If you’re considering joining The Partnership Portfolio UK or Blast Off UK 2020, we’d suggest you start with at least £25,000 of investable assets, in order to get the most out of your membership.


Are you a risk-taker, or does the thought of losing money turn your stomach? We have services designed for different risk tolerances. Bear in mind, though, that investing in the stock market is never risk-free.

What you get with each service:

Motley Fool Share Advisor

Our flagship share-tipping service offers two recommendations each month, one of which is growth-orientated while the other is income-orientated.

You’ll also receive the team’s monthly selection of ‘Best Buys Now’ stocks, plus a handful of ‘Starter Stocks’, and tons of other great investing information.

Share Advisor concentrates on larger companies, typically valued at £500m+.

£149 per year  Try now!

Motley Fool Hidden Winners

Enjoy one high-conviction small-cap share recommendation every month, plus up-to-date coverage for every single active Hidden Winners recommendation.

You’ll also have access to the ‘Hidden Winners Universe’, which includes all current buy recommendations, watch-list stocks, plus the small-cap shares our team believes you should avoid.

Hidden Winners concentrates on smaller UK companies, typically valued between £20m and £500m.

£199 per year  Try now!

The Ownership Portfolio UK

The Ownership Portfolio UK follows a bespoke Motley Fool investing strategy, specifically designed to hunt down some of the world’s most ambitious, determined, and visionary founder-leaders

Launched in March 2019, the service aims to help investors like you gain instant exposure to what we think are some of the market’s most explosive and perhaps least-followed founder-led stocks.

It currently contains the research behind a number of high-potential founder led ‘buy’ recommendations

Each share has been selected in accordance with Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner’s rigorous ‘X-Factor’ investing system for evaluating founder CEOs.

£599 per year The Ownership Portfolio is currently closed to new members.

Blast Off UK

Blast Off UK is Motley Fool UK’s most exclusive ‘Maximum Potential Upside’ investing service.

It currently houses a number of US-listed stocks already, with an additional 5 set to be added every quarter. And all have been chosen by legendary ‘Rule Breaker’ stock-picker and Motley Fool Co-Founder David Gardner.

Aiming to do more than simply ‘beat the market’, Blast Off UK 2020 passes on those ‘household name’ US stocks and instead looks for those that fit his very specific ‘Moonshot’ strategy.

Blast Off UK 2020 is intended to help you choose the US shares for the most aggressive 10-25% of your portfolio.

£999 per year Blast Off UK is currently closed to new members.

Extreme Opportunities UK: Next-Gen Supercycle

Our top US stocks for the 5G revolution, all in one place!

This service has been built from the ground up to be a convenient and powerful resource for serious growth investors who want to receive The Motley Fool UK’s top US 5G recommendations… in one central solution.

£899 per year Next-Gen Supercycle is currently closed to new members.

Please note that all of our services are online only, and we do not send out printed copies of our recommendations. However, all the webpages can be printed out very easily if you want to digest our analysis at a more leisurely pace.

How these services compare:

Feature Share Advisor Hidden Winners Ownership
Portfolio UK
Blast Off UK Next-Gen Supercycle
Carefully Researched Recommendations 2 per month
(fixed schedule)
At least 1 per month
(fixed schedule)
24 current picks,
others added periodically
15 current picks,
5 added every quarter
13 current picks,
3 added every quarter
Ongoing Coverage for all Recommendations Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Clear Buy/Hold/Sell Advice Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Recommends Growth and Income Stocks Tick
Focuses on Growth Stocks Tick Tick Tick Tick
Invests in UK Stocks Tick Tick Tick
Invests in US stocks Tick Tick Tick Tick
Recommends Small-Cap Shares Tick Tick Tick Tick
Higher Volatility Picks Tick Tick Tick Tick
Follows a Specialist Investment Strategy Tick Tick Tick
  Try Share Advisor Try Hidden Winners Currently

Finally, don’t forget that most Motley Fool products come with a 30‑Day Subscription Refund Guarantee

If you’re relatively new to investing and unsure of where to start, we’d suggest looking at Share Advisor first of all.

And if you’re still not sure which is right for you, fear not! Our Share Advisor and Hidden Winners services come with a 30-day subscription refund guarantee as standard. So if you join and subsequently feel it’s not what you need, just cancel within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your subscription fee in full, with no quibbling.

We want you to be a member of the investing service that’s right for you.

Happy investing!

Team Fool UK


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Frequently Asked Questions

We think our investing services offer excellent value for money but ultimately that’s something everyone has to judge for themselves.

Some of our services come with a full 30-day money-back guarantee so you have plenty of time to see the full range of what they offer before deciding whether it’s right for you.

The Motley Fool was launched in the US in 1993 and Motley Fool UK has been around since 1997. So we now have nearly three decades of experience in helping long-term investors. Many of our analysts can be seen providing investing commentary in the financial press and on financial news channels.

As well as the US and UK, we also have operations in Germany, Canada, and Australia and we have hundreds of thousands of paying subscribers for our online newsletters.

At The Motley Fool, we believe in treating every pound as an investment in the future you want to create. We believe that investing in great businesses, for the long term, is the most effective path to wealth. And we believe in keeping score and being transparent in our investment performance.