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The Motley Fool is dedicated to making the world smarter, happier, and richer.

Tom and David Gardner, co-founders of The Motley FoolFounded in the US in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner (those two handsome chaps on the right), The Motley Fool helps people attain financial freedom through our website, our selection of premium investing newsletters and reports.

In 1997 we launched the UK version of The Motley Fool and that’s the website you’re looking at right now.

Our US website can be found at, and we have expanded into other countries as well, with websites in Canada, AustraliaGermany, Hong Kong, and Japan.

In all we do, we take a different approach:

  • we believe that the individual investor can beat the market;
  • we believe that anyone can do it, even if they don’t have a lot of time or money to devote to investing;
  • we believe in a long-term outlook, helping people build wealth over time; and
  • we believe that the person best positioned to take care of your financial future is you.

Our Investing Services

The Motley Fool aims to provide solutions for investors of every kind. Our products and services — whether free or subscription-based — are designed to help people take control of their investments.

Our offerings include:

The Fool’s award-winning website publishes dozens of articles each week covering company results, share ideas, portfolio management, asset allocation and much, much more. has distribution partnerships with numerous sites such as Yahoo, AOL and MSN, and you can allow follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Our Subscription Investment Newsletter Services

Share Advisor is our flagship share recommendation service. Members get two recommendations per month, one of which is growth orientated and the other income based, plus weekly updates reviewing the progress of previous tips, the latest investing news and educational content (in our unique Foolish style, of course). This service primarily recommends UK-listed shares valued at £500m+ that are members of either the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 indices.

Hidden Winners is our UK small-cap share recommendation service, where we pick shares that typically range in value from £20m up to around £500m. Members will get at least one small cap share recommendation per month, and we also follow the fortunes of numerous other small caps that form what we call the Hidden Winners Universe. Unique to this service, we will also periodically highlight small cap shares to avoid.

Pro is our premium investment service, and it uses a real-money portfolio that aims to provide superior investment ideas. Headed by portfolio manager Nathan Parmelee, we look to identify great companies that are trading at prices that could offer superior long-term value. Pro invests in a wide range of UK companies, from small caps to blue chips, and also in some shares listed overseas.

  • Find out more about Pro

To help you decide which service might be right for you we’ve created a detailed comparison of our share recommendation services

Premium Investing Reports

We often sell one-off reports that look at specific investing ideas or styles (like high-yield shares, major technological trends, retirement investing and so on). These reports are available to purchase individually, or you can subscribe for a whole year’s worth of reports via Premier Report Pass, which also gives you access to our back catalogue at no extra cost.

Fool On! 

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Risk Warning

  • The value of shares and the income from them can fall as well as rise.
  • ‘Hidden Winners’ is the title of our small-cap newsletter service, but this does not mean, or imply, there is any guarantee of positive performance.
  • Investment in the securities of smaller and/or medium-sized companies (such as those featured in Hidden Winners and Pro) can involve greater risk than for larger, more established companies. Price movements may be more volatile, and they can react strongly to news or recommendations. You should always check the price before you deal. The market for smaller company shares may be less liquid, meaning they may be harder to trade.
  • You run an extra risk of losing money when you buy shares in certain smaller companies including “penny shares”.
  • There is a big difference between the buying price and the selling price of these shares. If you have to sell them immediately, you may get back much less than you paid for them. The price may change quickly, it may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. It may be difficult to sell or realise the investment.
  • You should not speculate using money you cannot afford to lose.
  • We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all statements of fact and opinion contained in these publications are fair and accurate in all material aspects.
  • Investors should seek appropriate professional advice from their stockbroker or other adviser if any points are unclear.
  • These publications give general advice only, and the investments mentioned may not necessarily be suitable for any individual.
  • These publications may recommend securities listed on overseas stock exchanges. Investors may incur extra charges when dealing in these securities and should check with their stockbroker before dealing.
  • Changes in exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value of the value or price of these investments in sterling terms.

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