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Malcolm Wheatley

We’re turning Japanese, I really think so

Would-be retirees are worried: Covid-19, they fear, has derailed their plans. More »

What to do with the lockdown dividend?

With investors’ finances repaired, the stock market now looks like a smart move. More »

When the facts haven’t changed, why change your mind?

Unfounded sentiment is the enemy of rational investing. More »

Why are shares so cheap?

With the real economy signalling that growth is returning, shares look cheap. More »

Investors are ‘desperate’. I’m not.

Chasing yield, investors are gambling on higher-risk investments. More »

Pandemic-proofing your portfolio: practical points to consider now

Four months in, we’ve got a better insight into how pandemics impact portfolios. More »

Asian dividends’ growing appeal

Asia-focused income-centric investments trusts are an easy way to access Asian income. More »

For income investors, 2020 will be a dividend drought

FTSE 100-only income investors have taken a pummelling. More »

A ‘V’-shaped recovery is looking more likely

Some consumers are stressed – but many aren’t. More »

5 reasons for investors to be cheerful

Many investors got it wrong in 2009. Don’t join them in 2020. More »

The investment ‘new normal’ they don’t want to tell you about

The investment new normal: higher costs, lower profits. More »

I’ve had to temporarily close my business due to coronavirus… what are my next steps?

Is your business closed due to coronavirus? Many businesses are. These three pointers may help to minimise the pain of being closed. More »

Coronavirus: it’s time to wield investors’ secret weapon

Predicting individual companies’ post-coronavirus futures is difficult. More »

Investing lessons from a fallen tree

Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. More »

Pensioners and the coronavirus market dip

Stock markets are plunging as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world. So it’s only natural to wonder: do you face a coronavirus pension hit? More »

Maybe money does buy happiness (according to this study)

Does money buy happiness? In certain situations, possibly so, according to a recent study — although perhaps not in the way that you’re thinking... More »

Get smart about money with this 7-step budget checklist

Whatever your end goal - be it debt reduction, retirement planning, saving for a house or holiday, etc - a budget checklist is highly... More »

Goodbye to all that: the Footsie’s dividend meltdown

Amid the gloom, several dividend income streams look safer than most. More »

Investing advice from Rudyard Kipling? Yes – really

Wise words from the heyday of the British Empire. More »

Monday’s stock market rout could get worse

Monday’s stock market rout was steep, but didn’t match 1987’s Black Monday. More »