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Malcolm Wheatley

The ‘smell test’: when an investment doesn’t feel right

Applying a commonsense ‘smell test’ can help — even if it results in over-caution. More »

Investment lessons from a high-speed crash

The stock market’s response to Covid-19 was breathtaking in its speed. More »

Are we soon to see a soaring stock market?

With bonds less attractive to investors, money could flow to the stock market instead, driving up share prices. More »

Are UK shares an early Christmas present?

The UK’s recovery from 2020’s lows has been stodgy. Worse, the gap that has opened up since early 2016 is considerable. The result? UK... More »

The misleading allure of rising share prices

For the time being, markets are still on-sale: don’t waste the opportunity. More »

Are these stocks under-the-radar pandemic bargains?

Outside the media spotlight, plenty of ordinary, unregarded Footsie stocks are having a torrid time. More »

3 New Year resolutions well worth keeping

1) Go global. 2) Needing income? Don’t leave it too late. 3) Invest in yourself! More »

A year to forget, but lessons to remember

For investors readying their portfolios for 2021, 2020 contained plenty of lessons. More »

The wealth accumulation lessons of 2020

Yet again, we’ve all been tripped up by the unexpected – and yet again, investors’ wealth accumulation plans have been blown off course in... More »

Diversification’s downside: resilience has a price

Forecasts are fallible: diversification offers protection from the unforeseen. More »

Will lockdown’s losers supercharge your portfolio?

News of successful vaccine treatments has boosted markets. More »

Expect the unexpected

A hunger for returns, coupled with overconfidence, is a fatal failing. More »

Investors have ‘given up’ on the UK, says Nick Train

Even Nick Train is spotting irresistible bargains. More »

We’re turning Japanese, I really think so

Would-be retirees are worried: Covid-19, they fear, has derailed their plans. More »

What to do with the lockdown dividend?

With investors’ finances repaired, the stock market now looks like a smart move. More »

When the facts haven’t changed, why change your mind?

Unfounded sentiment is the enemy of rational investing. More »

Why are shares so cheap?

With the real economy signalling that growth is returning, shares look cheap. More »

Investors are ‘desperate’. I’m not.

Chasing yield, investors are gambling on higher-risk investments. More »

Pandemic-proofing your portfolio: practical points to consider now

Four months in, we’ve got a better insight into how pandemics impact portfolios. More »

Asian dividends’ growing appeal

Asia-focused income-centric investments trusts are an easy way to access Asian income. More »