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Malcolm Wheatley

If you look where you always look, you’ll find what you always find

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A market for the brave

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What you don’t buy matters, too

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Buy what you know? Shares you don’t know can prove better

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It’s official: 20% of over-65s are millionaires

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The lesson of The Loser’s Game

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Hope is not a retirement strategy

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How to best play the FTSE 100’s current weakness!

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Avoid these expensive investing mistakes

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The comforting allure of income investing

A diversified portfolio of income-paying shares has useful defensive properties, as well. More »

5 great reasons to own shares

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The gentle charm of equity income investing

There’s a lot to be said for a focus on dividends -- and not just for the income. More »

Is your portfolio suffering from home country bias?

Cast your net wide when selecting shares for your portfolio. More »

Will being optimistic make you a better investor?

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Is it 1999 all over again?

There’s always value around, if you know where to look. More »

Are you literally throwing money away?

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If you don’t buy shares when they’re cheap, when do you buy them?

UK shares seem to be lagging other countries right now. More »

Profiting from other people’s nervousness

When whole sectors fall out of favour, bargains can often be had. More »

There are bargains to be found in vicious markets

We could well be in for a period when these abrupt share price crashes become much more prevalent. More »

Retiring early is not an idle dream

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