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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is an experienced private investor from London. He specializes in macroeconomics with his articles often incorporating the state of the economy into specific stock recommendations. In his spare time he's an avid tennis player.

The FTSE 100 passes 7,000 points! Here’s why I think it can go higher still in 2021

A mix of positive sentiment from the economy and long-term foreign investment means the FTSE 100 is performing well, writes Jonathan Smith. More »

Why is the Argo Blockchain share price falling as cryptocurrency moves higher?

Jonathan Smith looks at the Argo Blockchain share price, and thinks it's starting to move lower to reflect its fundamental value better than it... More »

Cathie Wood has bought Coinbase shares. Should I do the same?

After shooting up 52% in trading yesterday, Jonathan Smith takes a look at Coinbase shares as an alternative to buying cryptocurrency directly. More »

FTSE 100 income stocks: how I’m aiming to make £10k a year from dividends

Jonathan Smith runs the numbers and shows how it's possible for him to generate a five-figure sum annually from FTSE 100 income stocks. More »

How can I apply Warren Buffett’s advice when preparing for a stock market crash?

From using a stock market crash as an opportunity to buy, to having the right mindset, Jonathan Smith looks at different ideas from Warren... More »

3 steps I’d follow to find cheap UK dividend shares to invest in

Jonathan Smith explains how to use different financial ratios in order to assess and find cheap UK dividend stocks that are worth buying. More »

The Babcock share price is up 32% today! Here’s why I’m staying well away

Jonathan Smith looks at the reasons behind the spike in the Babcock share price, and concludes that for him it's not worth an investment. More »

2 reasons why I think The Hut Group (THG) shares are a top buy right now

After missing the boat following the IPO, Jonathan Smith thinks The Hut Group (THG) shares are worth buying now based on recent results. More »

Kanabo shares have halved since the IPO surge. Is it a bargain buy?

Jonathan Smith reflects on his decision to wait instead of buying Kanabo shares at the IPO, and now agrees it makes sense to buy! More »

Top stocks to buy now: here’s 1 I like and 1 I’d avoid

Jonathan Smith runs through Experian (which he thinks is a top stock to buy now) and Cineworld (that he's less convinced about)! More »

GameStop shares: here’s what I think happens next

After the buzz around GameStop shares, Jonathan Smith thinks the long-term price is likely going to be lower to reflect the actual value of... More »

Is it possible for me to live off income from UK dividend stocks?

Jonathan Smith looks at the possibility (and also the viability) of generating £30,000 in income a year from UK dividend stocks. More »

Why did ASOS shares fall despite great results?

Even with double-digit half-year growth in sales, ASOS shares are lower now then before its results were released. Jonathan Smith gives his reasons why. More »

2 pieces of advice from Warren Buffett to find the best shares to buy now

Warren Buffett looks for value and a company he believes in. Jonathan Smith applies that to finding the best shares to buy now. More »

The Moderna share price: have I missed the boat?

After rallying over 300% in the past year, Jonathan Smith offers his opinion on whether the Moderna share price still offers value. More »

2 UK dividend stocks I’d buy now for my ISA

Jonathan Smith is considering a purchase of Unilever and Admiral Group as two UK dividend stocks paying above average dividend yields. More »

3 tips to help me find the best-paying UK dividend stocks right now

By looking at the sustainability and overall dividend yield, Jonathan Smith talks through how he finds the best UK dividend stocks worth buying. More »

The Accesso share price is up 220% in a year! Here’s what I’m thinking

After the stellar rally in the Accesso share price, Jonathan Smith looks deeper into the company, but isn't overly impressed with what he finds. More »

I bought Deliveroo shares and am currently down 30%. Here’s my game plan

After buying Deliveroo shares via the retail subscription, Jonathan Smith explains what he's planning on doing after the sharp drop last week. More »

1 penny stock buy I’d pick for my Stocks and Shares ISA

Jonathan Smith runs through Centrica, a FTSE 250 penny stock that he think could be a buy given the focused turnaround of the business. More »