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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is an experienced private investor from London. He specializes in macroeconomics with his articles often incorporating the state of the economy into specific stock recommendations. In his spare time he's an avid tennis player.

5 ways I’d invest in cheap UK stocks right now for my ISA

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Is the Aston Martin share price a bargain after the stock market crash?

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The Tullow Oil share price rose over 20% yesterday! Should I buy right now?

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Barclays vs Lloyds: Which British stock currently offers me best value to invest in?

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3 reasons why I’m still positive on the Boohoo share price, despite the 15%+ fall yesterday

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If I had £1,000, what would be the best shares to buy now for my ISA?

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Here are 2 top British stocks that I think could get a Brexit bounce

Jonathan Smith outlines top British stocks of Tesco and Rightmove as potential beneficiaries from a Brexit bounce early next year. More »

3 ways I could make a million from investing despite the UK being in a recession

By looking for negative correlations and income for the long-term, investors can still look the make a million from investing in the current climate,... More »

Is the IAG share price too cheap for ISA investors to ignore?

Even though the current IAG share price reflects reality, Jonathan Smith thinks the long-term outlook for a turnaround makes the stock one to watch. More »

1 FTSE 100 stock with a 7%+ dividend yield that I think income investors should buy

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The Rolls-Royce share price jumped 96% last week. Should I buy the stock now for my ISA?

Despite the rise in the Rolls-Royce share price last week, Jonathan Smith outlines how he's still negative on the stock, and would look elsewhere... More »

My last call on Boohoo shares was spot on. Here’s what I’m doing right now

After buying Boohoo shares in July, Jonathan Smith reviews the performance of the stock, and explains what he expects going forward. More »

Forget a Cash ISA and gold! I’d invest in top UK stocks to aid early retirement

Jonathan Smith explains how top UK stocks can provide both the income of a Cash ISA but also potential appreciation similar to the recent... More »

3 ways I think Donald Trump could indirectly influence the FTSE 100 price in October

With the upcoming election, Brexit trade talks, and even his contraction of the coronavirus, Donald Trump's actions are already impacting FTSE 100 prices. More »

If I had to pick one top UK stock in October and hold it for life, this is what I’d buy

Jonathan Smith writes how he'd pick British American Tobacco as a top UK stock to hold for decades to come, by looking at the... More »

Cheap UK stocks: down 50%+ in a year, would I buy these 4 FTSE 100 shares?

Firms from the oil and aviation industry have seen large share price falls. Jonathan Smith wonders if these cheap UK stocks are now worth... More »

Rolls-Royce share price – What will the new rights issue mean?

With an emergency cash raise through a rights issue, the Rolls-Royce share price is down 10% today alone. Jonathan Smith review the future for... More »

Forget the October Premium Bond draw! Here’s why I’m investing in FTSE 100 stocks instead

With the October Premium Bond draw upon us, Jonathan Smith looks at how dividend income could be a better investment than the bonds. More »

ISA bargain alert! I’d invest in this 10%+ high-dividend-yield FTSE 100 stock right now

When looking at the current numbers, M&G has a very high dividend yield, something that Jonathan Smith looks at in more detail. More »

5 reasons why I think the FTSE 100 will finish above 6,000 points by the end of the year

One-off events such as the US election and Brexit, along with end-of-year earnings, all lead Jonathan Smith to conclude that the FTSE 100 could... More »