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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is an experienced private investor from London. He specializes in macroeconomics with his articles often incorporating the state of the economy into specific stock recommendations. In his spare time he's an avid tennis player.

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Budget 2020: 2 things investors like me need to watch out for

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I like these 2 high-dividend-yield stocks that are about to report earnings

Full-year results are due from Persimmon and Rio Tinto next week. Should dividend investors continue to hold the stocks or even top-up now? More »

The HSBC share price falls 6% on large job cut news! Should I buy it now?

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2 growth stocks for aggressive investors’ ISA holdings in 2020

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Where will the Lloyds share price be in five years time?

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My 3 reasons why the Royal Mail share price could rally in 2020

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