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Cliff D'Arcy

I wouldn’t buy all of the FTSE 100 right now, but I would buy this FTSE 100 star!

In this millennium, the FTSE 100 has performed pretty poorly. Meanwhile, this FTSE 100 star has seriously outshone its rivals. I'd buy. More »

This huge FTSE 100 dividend is solidly growing. I’d buy this 8.2% yield today!

Regulators urged this FTSE 100 champion to suspend its dividend. When it returns, this share might pay 8%+ a year in cash. More »

This ‘dying’ ex-FTSE 250 share has crashed 90%. I think it may be a bargain!

Despite its reliable business, this former FTSE 250 share has been crushed by the coronavirus. I think it has entered bargain-bin territory. More »

These are the ‘dogs of the FTSE 100’ in 2020. I’d buy one of these shares today!

Six months into 2020 and the FTSE 100 is down 18%. These six shares have bombed, but I'd buy one of these fallers right... More »

As the FTSE 100 slumps again, I’d buy this fallen giant’s shares today!

With big-cap shares hit hard by the FTSE 100 falling 160+ points early on Wednesday, this 'fallen angel' keeps getting cheaper. More »

These are the dogs of the FTSE 100 during lockdown. I’d buy one of them today!

It's been three months since the UK went into enforced lockdown. These seven FTSE 100 shares have suffered most during isolation. More »

Crazy investors are partying like it’s 1999. But I’d buy this FTSE 100 stock today!

Market volatility and big price swings make for lots of market madness. Meanwhile, this FTSE 100 survivor trades at a 47% discount. More »

This FTSE 100 share has dived 12% in 9 days. I’d buy it before it rebounds!

For no good reason, this FTSE 100 share crashed by 17% in one week before bouncing back. I'd keep buying at today's price. More »

I never thought I’d say this about the Lloyds share price, but I’d buy it today!

The Lloyds share price has been an utter dog since 2007 and for at least a decade. But every dog has its day and... More »

Neil Woodford completely ditched this FTSE 100 stock, but I’d happily buy it today!

The FTSE 100 fell nearly 6% last week, its biggest fall in three months. Meanwhile, this top share combines a 5% yearly payout with... More »

Sell in June? No way, I’d buy this FTSE 100 star today!

On Thursday, worried investors sold shares and the FTSE 100 fell steeply. But I'd never be nervous buying this share, as it's a massive... More »

Forget about the stock market dip! I’d buy shares in this FTSE 100 champion today

The FTSE 100 dived 4% on Thursday, which is great news for buyers of this FTSE 100 powerhouse that I'd happily buy today. More »

The stock market rally may be over, but I’d buy shares in this FTSE 100 winner!

To become a successful investor, simply buy and hold shares in the finest firms, such as this phenomenal FTSE 100 success story. More »

Looking for more ISA income? I’d buy this 9.2% FTSE 100 yearly payout today!

This FTSE 100 firm is nearly 120 years old, has strong brands, and pumps out cash, yet its shares are down a third. More »

Need a new share for your ISA? This FTSE 100 titan pays out 9% a year in cash!

This FTSE 100 firm survived a near-death experience in 2011, bounced back, and will keep pumping out cash to shareholders. More »

Burned by Neil Woodford? I’d buy this FTSE 100 cash payout of 6.5% today!

Neil Woodford investors have been locked in for a year, losing money. I think he should have kept this old-school value share. More »

This FTSE 100 giant weathers every market storm. I’d buy this cheap share today!

For 155 years, this FTSE 100 giant has outgrown every market meltdown. Its shares, down a third in a year, are too cheap, I... More »

This FTSE 250 property share looks safe as houses to me. I’d buy it today!

This landlord boomed after the noughties crash. I'd buy this property share now, as I think only the strongest survive and it's likely to... More »

Still worried about the market crash? I’d buy this FTSE 100 payout of 7.1% today!

As the coronavirus crisis recedes, investors must still tread carefully. This 'boring' FTSE 100 dividend wins my vote for a long-term investment. More »

The FTSE 100 is dead. Long live the new FTSE 100!

The coronavirus crisis has caused violent upheaval in the FTSE 100, but I'd buy this winner's shares today. More »