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These were the dogs of the FTSE 100 in 2020. But I’d buy these seven cheap shares!

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The biggest bubble in modern history? 3 reasons why I wouldn’t buy Tesla stock in my ISA

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Which assets will perform best in 2021? For me, TINA says it has to be cheap shares!

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Cheap UK shares: here’s why I think 2021 could be a good year for the FTSE 100

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The Aston Martin share price dropped 12% in two days. Would I buy AML today?

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The Lloyds share price has dived 17% in 16 days! What would I do today?

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Cheap shares: 2 more value traps to steer clear of in 2021!

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Cheap shares: Beware of these 2 value traps in 2021!

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Here’s what happened to cheap shares after the last global pandemic. Buyers beware!

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