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I'm a freelance personal finance journalist who writes regularly for the Daily and Sunday Express, The Observer, The National in Dubai and, best of all, Fool UK.

Forget buy-to-let! I’d rather invest £2k in the Diageo share price today

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Forget Cash ISAs and Bitcoin. FTSE 100 stocks are too cheap to ignore

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Forget gold! I’d invest £5k in cheap FTSE 100 shares as prices fall to recession levels

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I’d buy this bargain FTSE 100 stock to build a million pound ISA portfolio today

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Forget cash! Young investors can get rich and retire early by investing in cheap FTSE 100 shares

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Forget Lloyds Bank! I’d buy into the BOO share price to get rich

The Lloyds share price could struggle with a recession looming, but the BOO share price is flying as online clothing sales rise. More »

Want to buy dirt cheap FTSE 100 stocks? I’d check out the Aviva share price

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Investing for dividends? These 5 FTSE 100 companies still offer a rising passive income

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Is the Carnival share price the biggest bargain on the FTSE 100 today?

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I’d invest £5k today in cheap FTSE 100 shares to get rich and retire early

If you want to boost your wealth and give up the rat race, a great place to start is by investing in cheap FTSE... More »

Retire a millionaire? You can do it by investing in cheap FTSE 100 shares

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No savings at 40? I reckon you can still retire rich by investing in FTSE 100 shares

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The Barratt share price is down 40%! I’d buy it to build a million-pound portfolio

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Forget Cash ISAs. I’d invest £5k in these 5 FTSE 100 dividend stocks for a passive income

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FTSE 100 crash: I’d buy bargain shares today to get rich and retire early

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I’d invest like Nick Train to survive the stock market crash and retire early

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Should you buy the dirt-cheap Aston Martin share price before markets recover?

The Aston Martin share price now trades at bargain levels. But its troubles aren't only down to Covid-19, making it a risky buy. More »

I’d invest £5k in cheap FTSE 100 shares to make a million and retire early

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£2k to invest? I’d buy this safe-haven stock to retire early

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