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Ethical investors can avoid energy stocks, but should they?

It seems possible to avoid energy stocks and not suffer lower returns, but is it? And is avoidance best for the ethical investor? More »

Move over Amazon! A £1,000 investment in these FTSE 100 and 250 stocks delivered higher returns

Some stocks in the FTSE 350 have been runaway successes for investors, besting the returns of some US tech giants. More »

I’d rather buy FTSE stocks than buy-to-let property and here is why

Buying a basket of UK stocks is easier and spreads your risk much further than sinking an equivalent amount of money into a buy-to-let... More »

Whatever Brexit looks like, investing in these FTSE 100 stocks makes sense

Internationally focused companies with strong and trusted brands or essential products are solid picks for hedging the risk of a damaging Brexit. More »

How to invest small amounts of money regularly in a Stocks and Shares ISA

Investing small amounts of money in single stocks can lead to high-risk portfolios and exorbitant fees. Following this two-stage plan can help avoid these... More »

A £1,000 investment in shares of these UK companies would have beaten Amazon and even Netflix

The UK markets have produced some runaway success stories that can rival the gains made by US tech stocks, but they were hard to... More »

I would buy shares in Anglo American if it makes a firm offer for Sirius Minerals

Sirius Minerals is in trouble. Anglo American is offering to save it. I think both sets of shareholders should be in favour of the... More »

Tempted to take the Aston Martin share price for a test drive? I’m not.

Since its IPO, shares in Aston Martin have gone straight down. The latest trading update won't help to lift them. More »

Morningstar downgraded Nick Train’s UK Equity fund but this isn’t Woodford 2.0

Nick Train has been a victim of his own success. To ease the rating agencies' concerns he has to stop letting investors on board. More »

2020 has started with a bang for the share prices of these FTSE 100 companies

BP, BAE, and M&G have started 2020 in fine form for different reasons, and I think shareholders will be pleased in 2020 and beyond. More »

This is why I am investing in shares of Moneysupermarket for my ISA in 2020

Moneysupermarket (LSE: MONY) looks cheap compared to its FTSE 250 index. I think it is a worthy portfolio addition for 2020 and beyond. More »

Investment lessons from Warren Buffett and the man who taught him how to make millions

Even the Oracle of Omaha had a mentor in Benjamin Graham, and you can learn something from both of them. More »

I think the Royal Dutch Shell share price is a buy for 2020 income investors

It has been a disappointing 2019 for Royal Dutch Shell, but right now the dividend yield could make 2020 a good one for income... More »

The NMC Health share price is down 50% this week. Is the company on life-support or should you buy?

A research report casting doubt on accounting practices at NMC (LSE: NMC) has destroyed its share price, but are things as bad as they... More »

Should I invest £1,000 now or buy into the share price over time?

Staggering an investment can provide some protection against regret if prices decline, but you are usually better off getting in right away. More »

If you’d invested £1,000 in Anglo American stock a decade ago, what would you have today?

The Anglo American (LSE: AAL) share price has had its ups and downs over 10 years, but with dividend reinvestment, could you have come... More »

If you’d invested £1,000 in Rio Tinto 10 years ago, this is what your shares would be worth now

Rio Tinto (LSE: RIO) had its ups and downs over the last decade, but investors would have still come out on top. More »

Before you invest in a FTSE 100 index tracker, make sure you know what you are buying

FTSE 100 trackers are popular among investors looking to get low-cost exposure to the largest UK companies. But what exactly are they tracking? More »

The Aston Martin share price motored up by 19% today. Should you buy or sell?

Aston Martin (LSE: AML) shares got off to a flying start today on the back of rumours of a billionaire wanting a large stake... More »

Is the current share price of FTSE fintech company Funding Circle a bargain buy?

Growth looks like it is slowing at Funding Circle (LSE: FCH), and it is still loss-making, but with its stock price near all-time lows... More »