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James J. McCombie

Is a market crash the right time for FTSE investors to be buying stocks?

Rather than cashing in investments or avoiding buying stocks during market crashes, my advice is to regularly invest as normal, just as you would... More »

Can FTSE investors start cheering the end of the market crash?

Yesterday's market rally offered bear market respite. However, it is unlikely that the market crash is over, though that does not mean investors should... More »

Why a Cash ISA could be your biggest retirement savings mistake

The stock market crash may have put off investors and turned them towards Cash ISAs. I think this is a mistake and could make... More »

This FTSE stock might just take off again once the market crash is over

The coronavirus outbreak has crashed stock markets and hit airline stocks particularly hard, but one looks better positioned to fly again. More »

The FTSE market crash has made this stock look cheap and I’m buying

The stock market crash may have made bargains of some stocks. I think I've found one to buy and two to keep an eye... More »

The FTSE stock market crash is not changing how I invest

I think regularly investing through this stock market crash will pay off in the future because time in the market beats trying to time... More »

I think the FTSE 100 crash has made this share a bargain buy for a Stocks and Shares ISA

Yesterday's 10% FTSE 100 decline and what came before has dragged shares in RELX (LSE: REL) down to a price I find difficult to... More »

FTSE 100 travel and tourism stocks have slumped, but are there any bargains to be had?

As the FTSE 100 continues to slide I am looking at airlines as better candidates for a share price bargain than cruise line operators More »

This FTSE growth stock looks cheap to me after the crash and is reporting earnings soon

With the FTSE falling on coronavirus fears, Marshalls (LSE: MSHL) shares, with an impressive record of growth and dividends, now look like a bargain... More »

The FTSE bear market is not done yet, but should investors stay away?

Investors may be best advised to carry on as normal during a market crash and be alert to opportunities. More »

Is the Lloyds share price the best banking bet for income investors?

Lloyds (LSE: LLOY) is a worthy addition to an income-seeking portfolio. There is a margin of safety in the dividend yield right now that... More »

What can FTSE 100 investors learn from last week’s market crash?

Some FTSE 100 stocks fared better than others during last week's crash and this reinforces the need to diversify your portfolio. More »

The Sirius Minerals share price is down again. Here is what I would do now

Shares in Sirius (LSE: SXX) have fallen on fears of a takeover being rejected, which could signal the end of the struggling miner. More »

This market crash might be good for your pension if you are just getting started

For those just starting to save for retirement, stocks and shares are cheaper now, and there is a long road ahead for recovery. More »

As the FTSE 100 crashes I am looking for share price bargains

Instead of trying to buy the bottom of the market, I suggest looking for buying opportunities. More »

I think this AIM stock might clean up in a bear market

Tristel (LSE: TSTL) manufactures disinfecting materials. I think its shares are well-positioned to outperform the overall market. More »

Does buying dips in the FTSE 100 beat regular investing?

It has been said that time in the market beats trying to time the market, but is it true? More »

As the FTSE 100 plunges lower, this is what I am doing with my portfolio

The FTSE and markets around the world have been shaken by fears of a coronavirus pandemic. Thinking of the long-term is crucial in difficult... More »

Is investing in an initial public offering (IPO) right for me?

IPOs generate a lot of excitement but often leave investors feeling deflated. Are they worth the risk? More »

I think this FTSE 250 stock looks well priced for growth and income investors delivered impressive full-year results today and looks to be in a good position to continue to impress. More »