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Meals on wheels


Hey Heroes!

January is hard. January in a pandemic is even harder.

That’s why this week we’re thinking about ways to take care of ourselves, our health, and our finances. 

Sam’s got some tasty takeaway-replacement inspiration, we’re looking long-term at retirement planning, and whether a popular fitness upgrade could be worth the investment…

Remember Heroes, we’re almost there. The days are lengthening and February (or, most importantly, Pancake Day) is on the horizon – things are looking up!

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Sam’s Savings


Meals on wheels

Searching for silver linings, one positive thing to have come out of the pandemic for me is getting better at meal planning, which helps reduce the number of times we need to go to the supermarket.
But I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes inspiration runs dry. And there’s only so many times a week month I can have fajitas, so I’m told…
Takeaways serve a purpose, sure. But buy them too frequently, and the costs start to add up significantly.
Besides, I like cooking – it helps me switch off at the end of the day, and it’s an activity I can do without looking at a screen (so rare these days)!
Luckily, there are plenty of meal-delivery services (where your ingredients and recipe come provided) out there, which add a little variety to the week, and to me seem healthier than takeaways since you know what’s gone into your dinner.
Don’t just take my word for it. Marketing manager at The Motley Fool UK, Chris Nials, said: “I’ve used HelloFresh on and off. They do good introductory and win-back offers. I’ve got a box of five meals for two people coming next week for about 24 quid. The food’s been pretty solid all the way through, and easy-to-follow instructions!”
Now that’s a sales pitch! Once a marketing manager, always a marketing manager I guess…
I can also vouch for Passo To Go, which delivers everywhere in mainland UK. Ordering their pizza kit, the sourdough arrived pre-made in a separate pot, requiring me only to roll it out before topping it with the ingredients I selected at checkout. Better yet, if your oven’s temperature can’t be trusted (yes, I’m speaking from personal experience), the pizzas can be cooked in a frying pan.
There are countless others out there, including Mindful Chef, Gousto, and many more. I’m in the midst of Vegetarian January, but have a calendar reminder for 1st February to have a DIY kit from Bleecker St. Burger delivered…
Ingredients, assemble!

More of Sam’s tried-and-tested tips:

  • The likes of Simply Cook send recipe cards – keep these! Why should Nigella, Jamie and all the other chefs be the only ones with cookbooks – you can start making your own with your favourite recipes, which will help inspire you instead of reaching for the local takeaway leaflet next time you’re out of ideas for dinner.
  • However, food subscription boxes aren’t always the most cost-effective, so do be mindful of this before signing up. MyWalletHero has this handy guide to help you decide whether they’re good value for money.

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Whether retirement is just around the corner, or still a way down the road, preparation and planning are key. 

We’ve rounded up our top retirement planning tips, for those looking to pave the way towards a comfortable retirement.

1. Deal with debt – aiming to clear debt is useful at any age, but even more so when approaching retirement.

2. Pay off mortgage – mortgage payments could be a strain on reduced earnings, so if paying it off before retirement is a possibility, it could reduce that worry.

3. Review investments – if retirement is a way off yet, take note! Buying shares, paying into a pension plan, being a regular saver etc – these are all ways of accumulating wealth over the long term.

4. Create a financial plan – budgeting, recording expenses, understanding where money goes. It’s nothing new, but it’s an important step to maintaining a standard of living.

5. Work part time – this might not be for everyone, but trying something different – or turning a hobby into part-time work – can be rewarding (mentally and financially!)

6. Mentally prepare – as with all big life changes, retirement can take some adjusting to, and taking time to mentally prepare can ease the transition.

Read more on our retirement planning tips here.

We asked, you answered…

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We never thought we’d see the day where we’d be missing going to the gym. But here we are in 2021 where anything can happen!

If you enjoy a spin class workout, or thrive on the upbeat encouragement of an instructor, a rain-soaked ride around the park on an old bike might not quite cut the mustard…

With the re-opening date of gyms still uncertain, we’ve done some research into Peloton – the indoor exercise bike with virtual interactive online classes – to see if it’s worth the investment. 

(For the indoor runners out there Peloton also offer a treadmill version.)

Check out the full article here – ‘Is Peloton worth the money?’

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Thanks for joining us today Heroes, we’ll have more money musings winging their way to your inbox soon!

Written by the MyWalletHero Team.