More Money-Saving Shareholder Perks You’ve Never Heard Of

Shareholder perks are not as common as they used to be. When most shareholders held their stock in the form of paper certificates, shareholder perks used to be commonplace — but now, the number of companies offering perks to shareholders is shrinking. 

However, there are still plenty of companies that offer attractive shareholder benefits.  

In addition to the seven companies listed below, companies like NEXTMarston’s and Restaurant Group also offer attractive rewards. If you want to know more about other rewards on offer, check out a previous Fool article entitled “The Best Shareholder Perks You’ve Never Heard Of”.

Still, as I’ve said before, shares held in a nominee account are not eligible for shareholder discounts and offers. To qualify, shares must be held in the shareholder’s own name — certificated form — and not in the name of a nominee company. Sometimes nominee companies may provide written proof of ownership upon request, allowing shareholder to claims the benefits. 

Shareholder discounts

Shareholders of Bloomsbury Publishing are entitled to an attractive 35% off the recommended retail price of all Bloomsbury books. All shareholders are entitled to this offer with no minimum shareholding required. 

Another attractive offer comes from Chapel Down Group , which offers 33% discount on the standard list price of wines and vine leases, and 25% off the group’s Curious range of beers. Additionally, shareholders are entitled to a free tour and tasting for two when you visit the group’s base at Tenterden.

A 25% discount voucher on a meal for two is also included. A minimum holding of 2,000 shares is required to qualify for these perks. This offer may not be suitable for most investors as Chapel Down stock trades on the ISDX exchange and is highly illiquid with around 2,000 shares, £600 worth of stock, changing hands every day. 

A more attractive offer comes from Johnson Service Group. Qualifying shareholders are given a sheet of discount vouchers worth £50 off their drycleaning. 200 shares are required as a minimum to qualify. 

Chocolate temptations 

High-street chocolatier Thorntons (LSE: THT) is currently in the midst of a turnaround, and for investors who are willing to take a bet on the company’s return to health, there’s a reward on offer. The company offers a sheet of vouchers to shareholders once a year, entitling them to discounts in Thornton’s shops, franchises and cafes in the UK. 200 shares are required to qualify for the offer. 

Mulberry (LSE: MUL) offers one of the most lucrative shareholder discounts around, though. Shareholders can benefit from a 20% discount on products within several key stores in and around London. A 20% discount is applicable on up to £10,000 worth of product and 250 shares are required to qualify. With the average Mulberry bag costing £500 or more, there are some considerable savings to be had here. 

Marks and Spencer’s (LSE: MKS) shareholders are currently sent vouchers each year, offering discounts across Marks & Spencer product ranges. These are normally distributed with the January dividend. All shareholders are entitled to the discounts, there’s no minimum shareholding required to qualify. 

AGA Rangemaster (LSE: AGA) shareholders are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases totalling £500 or more from group shops. The maximum discount is £500 and minimum of 5,000 shares is required to qualify for the discount. At present prices, 5,000 shares will cost you around £5,350. 

It all adds up

So, whether you're buying chocolates, or handbags, it's easy to save some money if you are a stakeholder in any of the above businesses.

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