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The Best Shareholder Perks You’ve Never Heard Of

When most shareholders held their shares in the form of paper certificates, shareholder perks were a common occurrence. Perks range from discounted products in store and ticket prices, to a free day out at the company’s expense. 

Nowadays, shareholder perks are less common, but they still exist. Here are a few of the best perks out there. 

While these benefits are attractive, shares held in a nominee account are not eligible for shareholder discounts and offers. To qualify, shares must be held in the shareholder’s own name — certificated form — and not in the name of a nominee company. That being said, sometimes nominee companies may provide written proof of ownership upon request, allowing shareholder to claims the benefits. 

Benefits on offer

Cruise operator Carnival (LSE: CCL) has changed the benefits that it offers to shareholders over the past year. The company used to offer a set credit amount — a prepaid card — for customers and shareholders to use on board one of its cruises, irrespective of cruise price or duration. However, the size of the credit is now dependent upon the duration of the cruise. The offer is open to all holders of 100 or more shares, around £2,668 worth of stock at current prices. 

Owner of British Airways and Iberia International Consolidated Airlines (LSE: IAG) offers an extremely attractive offer to eligible private individual shareholders. The company issues a token that entitles the bearer and up to eight travel companions who book and travel with the shareholder to 10% off the price of any published British Airways fare. To qualify, shareholders must hold 200 ordinary shares on the annual qualifying date, that’s around £882 worth of stock at current prices.

Pub operator Marston’s (LSE: MARS) offers investors an attractive benefit for this time of year. Eligible shareholders are entitled to a Marston’s Inns and Taverns Privilege card, which entitles the holder to a 20% discount on food and accommodation at participating Marston’s inns and taverns. Shareholders are required to hold 500 ordinary shares to be eligible for this benefit. It would cost you around £715 to buy 500 shares at current prices. This is an offer that could pay for itself over a short period.

Retailer NEXT (LSE: NXT) also offers an extremely attractive 25% discount against most purchases. The discount voucher is offered to investors on 1 April each year, has no monetary purchase limit and expires on 31 October of the same year. The only downside of this offer is the fact that you need at least 500 ordinary shares to qualify for the discount. Next’s shares are currently worth more than £68 each, so you’ll need a hefty £34,200 worth of stock to qualify. Still, this could be an attractive offer for some. 

And lastly, Restaurant Group (LSE: RTN) offers qualifying shareholders 12 vouchers every year, which entitle the holder to 25% off food and drink for tables up to 10 people. Vouchers are valid across the Restaurant Group empire — in Frankie & Benny’s, Chiquito, Garfunkel’s, Coast to Coast, Filling Station, Restaurant Group Pub restaurants and Concession outlets. Holders of 250 shares or more qualify for the discount, around £1,582 worth of stock at present prices.

So, whether you’re jetting off on holiday, or planning a family meal out, it’s easy to save some money if you are a stakeholder in any of the above businesses.

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