3 Fun Facts About Tesco Plc

I’m sure dedicated and loyal Tesco (LSE: TSCO) (NASDAQOTH: TSCDY.US) shareholders will already know plenty about the retail giant’s financials, prospects and valuation.

But large, established firms such as Tesco often come with plenty of interesting stories from years gone by. (Did you know Tesco floated on the stock market in 1947?)

So, purely out of curiosity, I’ve trawled the internet and dug up some fun facts — and provided some fresh perspective — you probably never knew about the FTSE 100 member.

Tesco employs Luxembourg

Well, not literally.

But throughout Tesco’s worldwide operations — including nearly 6,800 stores in 12 markets — the massive retailer employs an astonishing 530,000 people.

Or roughly the entire population of Luxembourg.

And you may be surprised to learn that, although Tesco is working to expand into new markets — and enduring setbacks when it closes shop in others (Fresh & Easy in the US, for example) — more than half of all those people Tesco employs are right here in the UK.

Let the sales roll in

Tesco reports that its total group sales were about £73 billion for the past year. You’ll agree that’s a lot of food, clothes, petrol, etc.

In fact, that’s approximately £141,000 in sales per minute … or about £8.5 million per hour!

So, in the time it takes you to read this article, Tesco will have rung up over half a million pounds in goods.

28 years later

Tesco has long been a favorite share for dividend investors, and it’s easy to see why.

Today, Tesco yields a pretty attractive 4.1%, but it’s the company’s dividend track record that’s so amazing: Tesco has consistently raised its dividend for the past 28 consecutive years.

I took a look at where the FTSE 100 index was 28 years ago, and the answer may surprise you: 1,413. Today it hovers near 6,432 — a whopping 355% increase, and a good reminder of the long-term power of the stock market.

I also took a look at what Tesco was up to 28 years ago. It was celebrating the opening of its 100th superstore. Today, Tesco operates nearly 6,800 stores — of many shapes and sizes — worldwide.

Let’s get serious

I hope you enjoyed a Foolish look at some of Tesco’s lesser-known “numbers” — it was meant mainly for fun.

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