Articles for BT GROUP ORD 5P (LSE: BT-A)

Why I’d buy Inspired Energy plc over BT Group plc

I think Inspired Energy plc's (LON: INSE) growth looks more attractive than BT Group plc’s (LON: BT.A) recovery potential. More »

Why I’ll avoid this turnaround stock and buy BT Group plc

Roland Head explains why he's turned bullish on BT Group plc (LON:BT.A). More »

This FTSE 100 turnaround stock may be an even bigger bargain than BT Group plc

If you thought BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) was a great rebound play, Harvey Jones has an even more tempting alternative. More »

BT Group plc isn’t the only value stock I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole

Royston Wild explains why BT plc (LON: BT-A) isn't the only risk-heavy stock he's staying well clear of. More »

Why I’d sell BT Group plc to buy this stock

BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) looks like a poor investment compared to this income champion. More »

Is BT Group plc’s 15% share price slump set to continue?

Does BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) lack capital growth potential? More »

Why recent scandals put me off investing in Petrofac Limited and BT Group plc

Scandals could destroy shareholder value at BT Group plc (LON:BT.A) and Petrofac Limited (LON:PFC). More »

Two beaten-up dividend aristocrats: are they bargains?

Bilaal Mohamed asks: are these two blue-chip income stocks bargains or booby traps? More »

BT Group plc’s high dividend yield could help fund your retirement

Despite its troubles, BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) is still offering tasty dividends. More »

Is the worst over for ‘turnaround’ stocks BT Group plc and Standard Chartered plc?

Could it be time to catch falling knives Standard Chartered plc (LON: STAN) and BT Group plc (LON: BT.A)? More »

Lloyds Banking Group plc vs BT Group plc: which is the superior dividend stock?

Royston Wild discusses the dividend outlook of both Lloyds Banking Group plc (LON: LLOY) and BT Group plc (LON: BT-A). More »

This Neil Woodford small cap might be a better buy than BT Group plc

Roland Head asks whether there's worst to come for BT Group plc (LON:BT.A) and considers a high-flying alternative. More »

Are BT Group plc and Capita Group plc now bargain buys or burnt out?

BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) and Capita Group plc (LON: CPI) have been through fire but Harvey Jones says they should eventually make it... More »

BT Group plc vs Vodafone Group plc: which is the better telecoms pick?

Royston Wild discusses the investment outlooks of both BT Group plc (LON: BT-A) and Vodafone Group plc (LON: VOD). More »

Is BT Group plc’s 30% share price slump set to continue?

Should you buy or avoid BT Group plc (LON:BT.A) after its 30% slump. More »

Is this rising star a better buy than BT Group plc?

Does this company's superior growth prospects make it worth buying ahead of BT Group plc (LON: BT.A)? More »

British American Tobacco plc vs BT Group plc which to buy for your ISA?

British American Tobacco plc (LON: BATS) and BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) are both attractive ISA investments but which should you choose? More »

Why I’d sell BT Group plc despite 10% gain

BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) seems to have an unattractive risk/reward ratio. More »

Your last chance to buy BT Group plc under £4?

Bilaal Mohamed explains why time could be running out for would-be investors in BT Group plc (LON:BT.A). More »

Should you be buying BT Group plc for your ISA?

Should you buy troubled BT Group plc (LON: BT.A) for your ISA or stay away? More »