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Mark Rogers (TMFMarkRogers88)

Head of UK Investing

As the Head of The Motley Fool’s UK Investing Team, Mark approaches the stock market with the same old-fashioned business instincts and values that he honed growing up around the family business. An investor for 14 years, Mark specialises in unearthing top-quality under-the-radar investments in the small-cap market. He currently serves as Chief Investment Advisor for Motley Fool Hidden Winners.

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Owain Bennallack (TMFFlaneur)

Investment Analyst

Owain is a magpie of the investing world -- and not because he gets into a flap. Almost any style of investing might suit him, depending on the bigger picture, and he's held all sorts of companies. Paraphrasing Keynes, he says: “When the market changes, I change my mind -- what do you do?” That said, Owain is usually a buyer of equities, where he prefers lightly geared, modestly rated companies, and is increasingly on the lookout for Buffett-style intangible quality. He aspires to buy-and-hold: his best investment ideas are worth much more than he sold them for. Then again, his worst investment went bust due to management fraud!

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Maynard Paton (TMFMayn)

Deputy Editor

Maynard has worked at the Fool since 1999. He ran the Qualiport online portfolio on the Fool from November 1999 to September 2005 and was lead adviser for the Champion Shares & Champion Shares PRO stock-picking services from September 2005 to June 2011, at which point he moved to become Deputy Editor of the UK Fool. Prior to joining the Fool, Maynard worked for a year as a Poll Tax clerk and then for six years at the local authority's IT department in the murky world of ICL mainframes and COBOL programming. He relocated to Kent to join a financial services firm's IT department and there discovered the joys of stock market investing. As well as keeping an eye on share prices and his local housing market, Maynard's interests include karting, martial arts and entertaining his young family.

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Sam Robson (TMFSamR)

Editor, Fool UK

Sam is the Editor of, joining the company in 2011. Prior to that, his career in publishing took in all walks of life from digital art to the actuarial profession, via digital photography, broking and Legal Week. Born in Surrey, he obviously supports Manchester United, and has been known to run a marathon or two in his time.

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Mark Stones

When he's not writing about companies and investing, Mark enjoys making carvings of minor Victorian politicians out of the sticks from ice-lollies, singing in a New Kids on the Block tribute band, and knitting socks for orphaned alligators.

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Jon Wallis (TMFTarantula)

Head of Customer Services & Community

Before joining the Fool in late 2000, Jon spent eight years lecturing and researching in computing at a university, followed by a few years developing robotic laboratory automation systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Jon now heads up the UK Fool's Customer Services department. He's also a member of the Fool's Editorial team, both editing and writing investment articles. In his spare time he's an active scuba diver, keeps tarantulas, battles with the Hungarian language, and cooks a great deal of curry.

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StuartW (TMFTigger)

Newsletter Retention Manager

Stuart spent several years as an Chartered Accountant, working in auditing and then corporate finance, before joining Fool UK in the dizzy dot com summer of 1999. A keen private investor, he started as a Foolish article writer, before somehow ending up the site’s editor. He’s performed a variety of roles since then, and currently works on Fool UK's newsletter services.

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Foolish Freelancers

G A Chester

Investment writer

Having served the required apprenticeship of a misspent youth, G A Chester began his working life as a horse-racing writer and private handicapper. He has subsequently worked as a writer and editor in a variety of fields, and began contributing to the Fool as a freelancer in 2010. His investing career has progressed from the mis-priced second favourite in the 2.30 at Ascot, through speculative small caps, to conservatively-run family firms and the occasional 'special situation'.

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Kevin Godbold

Freelance writer

After an early career in electrical engineering and management with one of the then nationalised regional electricity boards Kevin figured he could run a tighter ship and left to set up his own engineering services enterprise. Fifteen years later in 2004, after growing the business to employ several operatives, he sold it as a going concern - that didn't prove to be the easiest path to take in life, but the end result was satisfactory! Selling the business realised the inherent value, left Kevin mortgage-free, and provided a pot of free capital to indulge a growing interest in investing. These days he scratches his entrepreneurial itch by investing on the stock market and, although generally preferring to invest in small expanding businesses, he likes to remain flexible and open to other investment opportunities as well. Whilst aspiring to learn from the wisdom and experiences of others, Kevin usually finds that he learns best by making his own mistakes. He therefore makes many mistakes, both in investing and in life. Happily, many of his investments and life decisions have been good ones too.

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Felicity Hannah

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Rupert Hargreaves

Rupert is a committed value investor and regularly writes and invests following the principles set out by Benjamin Graham. Prior to his investing and writing career, Rupert began his career as a proprietary currency trader. Now, as well as writing for the Fool he trades on a daily basis and writes regularly for, Stockopedia and Seeking Alpha. Rupert holds qualifications from the Chartered Institute For Securities & Investment and the CFA Society of the UK, including the Private Client Investment Advice & Management exam.

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Daniel Mark Harrison

Financial Journalist

In addition to being a writer for Motley Fool, Daniel Mark Harrison is a professional financial journalist covering equity and global financial markets. He is a regular speaker at conferences held across Europe and Asia, and has successfully founded and sold a number of businesses. His writing for Motley Fool focuses on contrarian and institutional growth investing stocks and stories.

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Roland Head

After leaving university, Roland was sentenced to a career in IT, but eventually managed to escape in 2006, and has been writing for the Fool since 2012. Roland holds the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and currently works as a freelancer writer, as well as running an internet business. A keen private investor, Roland is focused on dividend and value investing, but also has a lingering interest in oil and gas stocks.

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Harvey Jones

Freelance writer

I'm a freelance personal finance journalist who writes regularly for the Daily and Sunday Express, The Daily Telegraph, Guardian Unlimited, The Observer and best of all, Fool UK.

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Alessandro Pasetti

Alessandro Pasetti is the founder of Hedging Beta Ltd. He also writes about investment strategy and assets valuation for European clients. Based in London, he previously worked for about five years at Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal carrying out M&A research and analysis for the IB community. Prior to that, he contributed to the launch of Loan Radar, where he worked for three years in London. He had stints in equity research at Bear Stearns in London and HVB in Munich. He did its intermarket analysis research thesis with Unicredit in Milan.

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Tony Reading

Investment writer

Tony spent most of his career in strategy and corporate finance, and now runs his own corporate development consultancy. He applies his professional approach to personal investing, preferring to analyse a company in terms of its market and competitive position as much as its financials. He is a firm believer in emerging markets, having worked extensively in Eastern Europe before it emerged. This means he also has an intimate grasp of the concept of risk, and how things might turn out differently from what was expected. He is equally interested in the parallel but more elusive concept of luck, and believes that one day there will be a unified quantum theory of the stock market to explain everything.

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Prabhat Sakya

Freelance writer

A former scientist (working at a consumer goods giant, and also at Britain's leading healthcare charity), I now work as a project manager, but my hobby is dabbling in shares, and writing about my investing successes and failures as a Motley Fool freelancer. My favourite topics include contrarian investing, growth shares, company strategy and the realities of everyday investing.

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Peter Stephens


Having held various senior management positions in the manufacturing sector, Peter founded his own manufacturing company in 1996. This was subsequently sold in 2007. Meanwhile, his passion for investing (which began during the privatisations of the 1980s) remains strong and he couples this with writing for The Motley Fool as a Contractor. His investment style is value-oriented; focusing on company fundamentals, as well as assessing the strength and presence of a competitive advantage. While above-average growth prospects remain very attractive, a greater focus on dividends has crept in since Peter became a part-time retiree in 2007.

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David Taylor

David Taylor is a business and finance journalist. Earlier on in his career he was a financial markets analyst and economics commentator. He has over 10 years combined experience in both financial markets and the media. His career has seen him work as a stock broker, analyst, commentator and journalist. David holds an Economics degree (Syd. Uni), a postgraduate diploma in Applied Finance and Investment (Kaplan), and a graduate diploma in Journalism (UTS). He is also RG146 accredited. The majority of his analysis and commentary centres around the idea that global money flows are inspired by market-sensitive international macroeconomic developments. David believes achieving a comfortable level of financial security requires investors to take a keen interest in financial and economic developments both at home and overseas. His goal is to help you engage with this world through his writing and research.

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Royston Wild

Freelance Writer

I am a financial reporter specialising in the stocks, forex and commodity markets.

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