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Why Neil Woodford Is Backing BT’s Takeover Of EE

Master investor Neil Woodford sees a bright future for BT Group

Mr Market Has Changed His Mind About GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, But Should You?

GSK and AZN seem to have switched places in the eyes of the market

Is HSBC A Buy Now It’s Passed The BOE’s Stress Test?

VIDEO: One Fool puts HSBC under the spotlight

4 Reasons Why House Prices Are Set To Plunge Next Year

House prices in the UK may fall significantly in 2015. Here’s why.

3 Oil Stocks I’d Buy For 2015

These three stocks offer value, income and takeover potential, says Roland Head

Why I Think The FTSE 100 Will Hit 7,500 Points In 2015

The FTSE 100 could make gains of 15% next year -- here’s why...

National Grid: The One Stock I Would Buy For 2015

For Tony Reading, National Grid is one of a handful of near-ideal stocks

Warren Buffett’s Test For Picking Winning Shares

This simple three-part test, courtesy of Warren Buffett, keeps me out of value traps

What To Do About The Worst 12 Months For Stock Pickers In 30 Years

4 things to do in order to try and jump-start your performance

Why Barclays Is Down 15% This Year

Shareholders have had a tough year, but the bank is moving in the right direction: 2015 could be the turning point...

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