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Struggling to get a credit card? 1 way to get plastic in your pocket today

Everybody enjoys the freedom and flexibility of having a credit card, but unfortunately not everyone can get one.

Credit cards allow you to shop safely on the high street, online or over the phone, and buy more expensive items while spreading the cost over several months.

You also benefit from purchase protection when buying items between £100 and £30,000, in case the goods are faulty or the retailer goes bust.

Which is why it is so frustrating if you cannot get your hands on one, perhaps because you have had money problems in the past.

If your application has been turned down, the icount current account with prepaid Mastercard® might help.

It offers all of the above benefits, while avoiding the risks of running up debts you cannot afford to repay.

Credit cards for bad credit

The danger with standard credit cards is that it is all too easy to get carried away and borrow too much.

If you fall behind on your repayments this will show up on your credit report, making it hard to borrow money in future and locking you out of those eye-catching 0% credit card deals.

Even if you are in that position, the icount prepaid Mastercard® won’t turn you away, because it offers applicants 100% guaranteed acceptance.

Going mobile

The icount current account offers the advantages of a standard credit card.

You can use it in millions of shops and restaurants in the UK and overseas, anywhere that accepts Mastercard®.

It also lets you set up direct debits, standing orders and pay regular bills. You get free purchase protection as well.

The icount card also comes with a mobile app that gives you an instant account summary, or you can request text alerts showing your balance and last five transactions.

Travel companion

If travelling overseas, you can get commission-free money at excellent exchange rates by applying for Cashplus Euro and Dollar currency cards at no extra cost, which compare with the best travel credit card offers.

You can even order multiple cards, ideal for sharing money with family and friends, or keeping personal spending separate from business expenses.

This prepaid card could even be a safe way of giving your children pocket money, and tracking their spending.

There are charges for taking out the icount card and signing up to these extra services, so make sure you know exactly what you are going to pay, and compare them against similar credit card deals.

Low risk

Like other credit cards to build credit, the icount prepaid Mastercard® helps you steadily repair your credit report, provided you keep up with all your monthly repayments.

The one thing you cannot do is borrow on the card, instead you spend money you have previously loaded, say, from your salary or benefits payment, or via bank transfer or Post Office top-up.

‘No credit check’ cards such as this one offer the benefits of plastic, without the worry of running up yet more debts.

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5 Things You MUST Check Before You Apply For A Credit Card

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