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Best no-annual-fee credit cards

When it comes to choosing a credit card with no annual fee, Brits are spoilt for choice. Most do not charge a fee simply for holding them. Yet they still offer plenty of top benefits, such as interest-free credit card rates on both balance transfers and purchases, or membership reward schemes. Naturally there are other fees hidden in the small print, so keep your eyes peeled for them. Here are three of the best credit card deals on the market today with no annual fee, but an awful lot to offer.

MBNA Platinum 36 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card Visa

Good for: Market-leading balance transfer interest free credit card

If you are after the longest balance transfer credit card introductory rate, then look no further than MBNA’s Platinum card, which lets you transfer your balance and pay no interest at all for an incredible 36 months. That gives you three years to get your debts under control, without having to pay interest in that time. The balance transfer fee is relatively competitive at 1.99%, although it will still cost you £19.90 for every £1,000 you transfer. Those looking for 0% purchase credit cards must look elsewhere, as there is no introductory rate here. You should also aim to clear your debt before the 19.9% representative APR kicks in. No frills, just the longest balance transfer rate on the market at the time of writing.

Introductory 0% balance transfer offer

36 months

Balance transfer fee


Introductory 0% purchases offer


Representative APR on purchases


Annual fee


Credit requirement


Rewards points



Cannot transfer debt from other MBNA card

Lloyds Bank Online Platinum 29 Month Purchase and Balance Transfer Mastercard

Good for: Zero interest balance transfers and purchases

Lloyds Bank Platinum credit cardThis stellar offering from Lloyds is the ultimate mash-up: a top 0% balance transfer credit card combined with one of the very best 0% purchase credit cards around, with both introductory rates running for a full 29 months. This makes it one of the best credit card deals on the market today. Lloyds’ subsidiaries Halifax and Bank of Scotland offer similar deals, if you have your banking with them.

0% balance transfer period

29 months

Transfer fee

2.50% on transfers in first 90 days

0% purchases period

29 months

Purchase representative APR

18.9%, subject to status

Credit requirement


Rewards points


Barclaycard Freedom Rewards Card

Good for: Free and easy 0% credit card with a point to prove

Barclaycard Freedom Rewards Credit CardBarclaycard Freedom combines the benefits of 0% credit cards with one of the best reward credit card offerings on the market. You pay zero interest on new purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months, with an ultra-low transfer fee of 0.15%. 

Then you collect points whenever you use the card, which can be used at more than 70 retailers. There are no maximum limits on the number of points, which you can spend online, on the high street, or at cinemas, theatres, zoos or your favourite pizza restaurant. Finally, no annual fee either. Time to cry “Freedom!”

Introductory balance transfer deal

0% for 12 months on transfers made in first 60 days, with 0.15% fee

Introductory purchases offer

0% for 12 months

Representative APR on purchases


Credit requirement




Redeeming them

Each £1 spent at UK supermarkets, petrol stations and Transport for London earns 2 points, plus 1 point everywhere else. £5 vouchers for each 1,750 Freedom points to spend at more than 70 partners including Amazon, Argos, Boots, Debenhams, M&S and Topshop, or many cinemas and restaurants


5 Things You MUST Check Before You Apply For A Credit Card

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