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We’ve put together the essential resources you need when considering applying for a mortgage loan. Whether you’re a beginner or have previous experience with mortgages, we guarantee there’ll be something useful to aid you in your decision-making when looking for a home loan.

Recent mortgage and home loan articles

Published: 31st March 2021

Can a student get a mortgage?

University graduate student diploma piggy bank

Buying a property to live in while you study could be a great financial move. But can a student get a mortgage? We take a look at the possibilities. 

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Published: 21st March 2021

Should I overpay my mortgage?

Streets of terraced houses from above

If you’re wondering whether you should overpay your mortgage, read this article for answers. We take a look at the pros and cons and how to go about it.

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Mortgages and home loans

Alongside ideals such as having a job you love and a healthy income that allows you to indulge your favourite pastimes, one of the most common financial goals among Britons is home ownership.

However, obtaining a mortgage loan isn’t the easiest, with large deposits required up front. And the reality is, for many it can feel like an impossible task to save that much money, resulting in them weighing up buying a home vs renting.

For those who have been able to clear themselves of debt, then the next step before looking into mortgages is to ascertain the best ways to save for a house. These will differ depending on your own situation (perhaps you feel comfortable ‘locking’ away your savings in a fixed rate bond to get higher interest rates on your money than you’d get in a regular savings account, for instance) but in short you need your outgoings to be considerably less than your income – and squirrel away the difference to go towards your home loan!

There are, of course, many different types of mortgages to consider when buying a house. At MyWalletHero, we want to assist so that across all the various home loans available, you find the one that best suits you. What’s more, we believe it’s important to be fully aware of any barriers to mortgage deals before you commit, so we’ve written multiple articles with this in mind.

You’ll find that there are home loans for every situation, whether you’re a first-time buyer or are looking to upgrade to your ‘forever home’. Some may even be looking at buy to let mortgages, in order to benefit from a second source of revenue through renting out a home.

So whatever your circumstance, before scouring to see what mortgage deals are available, we highly recommend reading through the content we’ve produced to help you make the right mortgage decisions!

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