The Best Way To Score With Women

Piggy bankMen, do you want to make yourself more attractive to women? Well here’s a newsflash. Splashing out on a pricey gym subscription to buff up your pecs won’t do it. Nor will a driving flash car, or flashing wads of cash in a bar.

The truth is far more affordable.

Three out of four British women, 75%,  rate financial prudence as the most attractive quality in a partner, new research shows.

That’s right — financial prudence.

Love And Money

And that’s sexy stuff, in these cash-strapped times, when wages are rising slower than inflation. It means that men don’t need to spend money they haven’t got to make beautiful women fall at their feet. 

They just need to demonstrate how well they manage their current account.

Funny Money

Financial prudence is even slightly more important than intelligence — rated as an attractive quality by 74% of women — according to new research from credit reference agency Experian. And it’s notably more important than appearance (65%), education (47%) and background (26%).

Only one thing trumps careful money management, as anybody who has perused a dating website profile knows: GSOH, at 87%.

So if you’ve got a good sense of humour and are careful with money, you’re laughing.

It’s easier to be good-humoured when you’re financially solvent. And women will see that. They really will.

Size Doesn’t Matter

This isn’t about how the size of your bank account, but what you do with it.

Most women now bring their own income to a relationship, and their bank balance, savings, investments or even a home. They don’t want a feckless man to mess it up.

Six out of ten survey respondents admitted to having arguments with their partner over money, with over-spending accounting for half of all rows.

Nobody likes fighting over money.

Financial Compatibility

There is a more serious danger. Once you hook up with someone, your financial profile quickly becomes intertwined with theirs, through your credit score.

And the links can remain, even if you break up.

Credit reference agencies such as Experian and Equifax hold personal financial data on everybody in this country, which goes back up to six years.

This is a personal score of all the credit you’ve taken out, including mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, HP payments and even mobile phone contracts.

Banks and building societies check this data when you apply for a new loan, credit card, mortgage, and so on. They are particularly wary of people with past debt problems.

One in ten couples has had to postpone taking out a joint credit agreement, such as their first mortgage, because of one partner’s credit score. 

How To Score With Women

Worse, 17% of Britons have had their credit score harmed by their partner, making it hard for them to get credit in future, even after they split up.

If you break up with your partner, you need to write to credit agencies to sever all links with them, otherwise their fecklessness could continue to besmirch your perfect 10 credit score.

Women increasingly understand this, and are choosing their partners accordingly.

So men, now you know how to really score with women.

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