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Soft drinks group AG Barr traces its roots back to 1875 and Robert Barr in Falkirk. The company gets its name from Roberts son, Andrew Greig Barr. Its most famous drink Iron Brew was launched in 1901 and became IRN-BRU in 1947. The groups range now includes Tizer, DNB, KA, Barr, Strathmore Spring Water, St Clements and Simply. Barr also makes and sells Orangina in the UK under license from Schweppes and has a partnership with Rockstar Inc to sell and distribute their Rockstar energy drink brand in the UK and Ireland.

Is A.G. Barr plc fizzing or flat?

Will the new sugar tax knock the pop out of Irn-Bru maker A.G. Barr plc, (LON: BAG) or will the venerable Scottish company keep... More »

Why I’d buy Unilever plc instead of A.G. Barr plc after today’s update

Unilever plc (LON: ULVR) has a superior risk/reward ratio compared to A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG). More »

Are these 3 Brexit beaters set to fly after today’s news?

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Should you pile into these 3 stocks right now? Royal Mail plc (LON: RMG), AG Barr plc (LON: BAG) and Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc (LON:... More »

Could A.G. Barr plc Be A Better Buy Than Tesco PLC And Ascent Resources Plc?

Which has the better prospects for investors: A.G. Barr plc (LON:BAG), Tesco PLC (LON:TSCO) or Ascent Resources Plc (LON:AST)? More »

5 FTSE 250 Stars Offering Irresistible Value: Britvic Plc, Halfords Group plc, Supergroup PLC, Marston’s PLC & A.G. Barr plc

Royston Wild explains why value seekers should check out Britvic Plc (LON: BVIC), Halfords Group plc (LON: HFD), Supergroup PLC (LON: SGP), Marston's PLC... More »

Are These The FTSE’s Safest Dividends? British American Tobacco plc, A.G. Barr plc And Randgold Resources Limited

Are dividends from British American Tobacco plc (LON:BATS), A.G. Barr plc (LON:BAG) and Randgold Resources Limited (LON:RRS) really as safe as they seem? More »

Are HSBC Holdings plc, A.G. Barr plc And Whitbread plc On Track For Successful Comebacks?

Should you buy these 3 stocks right now? HSBC Holdings plc (LON: HSBA), A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) and Whitbread plc (LON: WTB). More »

Can You Beat The Market With These Out-Of-Favour Stocks: Blur Group PLC, Kingfisher plc And A.G. Barr plc?

Should you buy, sell or hold Blur Group PLC (LON: BLUR), Kingfisher plc (LON: KGF) and A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG)? More »

3 Unmissable Bear-Market Bargains? Barclays PLC, Carillion plc, A.G. Barr plc

Should you buy Barclays PLC (LON: BARC), Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) and A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) at 52-week lows? More »

Are Diageo plc, A.G. Barr plc And Nichols plc Capable Of 20%+ Returns?

Should you buy these 3 beverages companies right now? Diageo plc (LON: DGE), A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) and Nichols plc (LON: NICL) More »

Would Warren Buffett Buy Diageo plc, SABMiller plc, Britvic Plc And A.G. Barr plc?

Are these 4 stocks star buys right now? Diageo plc (LON: DGE), SABMiller plc (LON: SAB), Britvic Plc (LON: BVIC) and A.G. Barr plc... More »

Burberry Group plc, A.G. Barr plc and Unilever plc: Unmissable Bargains?

Is now the time to load up on Unilever plc (LON:ULVR), Burberry Group plc (LON:BRBY) and A.G. Barr plc (LON:BAG)? More »

Is Now The Perfect Time To Buy Unilever plc, Burberry Group plc And A.G. Barr plc?

Are these 3 consumer stocks ripe for investment? Unilever plc (LON: ULVR), Burberry Group plc (LON: BRBY) and A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) More »

5 Bargains After Yesterday’s Rout: Foster Wheeler PLC, BAE Systems plc, A.G. Barr plc, Burberry Group plc & Johnson Matthey PLC

Amec Foster Wheeler PLC (LON: AMFW), BAE Systems plc (LON: BA), A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG), Burberry Group plc (LON: BRBY) and Johnson Matthey PLC (LON:... More »

Should You Buy Beazley PLC, Hammerson plc, And A.G. Barr plc Following Today’s Results?

Royston Wild analyses the investment case over at Beazley PLC (LON: BEZ), Hammerson plc (LON: HMSO) and A.G. Barr (LON: BAG). More »

Protect Yourself From A Eurozone Meltdown With SABMiller plc, A.G. Barr plc, Britvic Plc And Diageo plc

SABMiller plc (LON: SAB), Britvic Plc (LON: BVIC), Diageo plc (LON: DGE) and A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) are three top stocks to protect your portfolio... More »

Is SABMiller plc A Better Buy Than Britvic Plc And A.G. Barr plc?

Which of these 3 beverage companies should you buy? SABMiller plc (LON: SAB), Britvic Plc (LON: BVIC) or A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) More »

3-Point Checklist: Should You Buy Diageo plc, SABMiller plc Or A.G. Barr plc?

Should your drinks money be spent on Diageo plc (LON:DGE), SABMiller plc (LON:SAB), or A.G. Barr plc (LON:BAG)? More »

Why SABMiller plc And Diageo plc Are Better Buys Than A.G. Barr plc

Here's why you should buy SABMiller plc (LON: SAB) and Diageo plc (LON: DGE) before A.G. Barr plc (LON: BAG) More »

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