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5 side hustle ideas that pay £1,000 per month

5 side hustle ideas that pay £1,000 per month
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Wouldn’t it be great to live the dream and find a great side hustle you love that can bag you some serious earnings? No one wants to spend hours and hours on a side hustle just to earn a few extra.

Here I take a look at five side hustles that can pay £1,000 per month. All you need to decide is which of them is most worth your time and effort.

1. Amazon flex

If you have your own car and some free time, then Amazon Flex could be a fantastic side hustle for you.

It’s deliberately set up to be a great side hustle as you can do as many hours as you like up to a maximum of 24 hours per week. You can earn £13-£15 per hour delivering parcels for the internet giant. 

To get involved, you need to sign up on the Amazon Flex app and undergo a background check. You then sign up to available delivery blocks in your area.

Because there’s an hours cap of 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, this means the maximum you can make is £1,440 per month. However, it’s possible that Amazon won’t have enough blocks to offer you this maximum. You might get more work at busy times like Christmas. 

You’ll need to think about the extra costs of petrol and wear and tear on your car. Plus you may need to pay extra on your car insurance.

2. Tutoring

Parents are always looking for tutors to help their kids succeed in their exams. And if you’ve got subject expertise, then you could start a side hustle as a tutor. Tutors can earn £15-£45 per hour depending on their experience. A tutor charging £35 per hour and working 10 hours per week could earn £1,575 per month.

There are several online tutoring agencies or you can build up clients through personal recommendations.

3. Freelance writing

If you have a way with words, you could earn money writing content for websites. It’s a flexible side hustle you can do from home and build up over time. Many writers start on sites like Upwork or by writing their own blogs to build up a portfolio. You need to be persistent to build up your client base and be prepared to work to tight deadlines.

Freelance writers can earn around £10-£40 per hour depending on their experience. If you work for 10 hours a week and you earn £30 per hour, you could earn £1,350 per month.

4. Dog walking

If you love animals and early mornings, then dog walking could be a great side hustle. Just a one-hour dog walk per day could earn you some serious cash.

Dog walkers often walk up to six dogs at a time and can earn £12 per dog walk and £7 extra for each additional dog. So, if you walk six dogs each morning, you could earn around £47 per day or around £1,034 per month.

5. Podcasting

Starting a podcast can be a great side hustle. From fishing and gardening to vintage clothes, there’s a podcast for everyone! If you have an unusual interest or skill, then why not share it with the listening public?

Podcasters can earn advertising revenue once they’ve gained enough listeners. The top podcasters reportedly earn around £40,000 per episode. But even smaller podcasts can earn some serious cash with the average podcaster earning around £954 per month.

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