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Anne specialises in personal finance and insurance products, covering the ins and outs that enable consumers to make informed financial choices based on the facts.

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Published: 13th May 2021

What is Dogecoin?

Diagonal chain made of zeros and ones. Cryptocurrency and mining.

Dogecoin is a type of digital currency also known as a cryptocurrency. But where did it come from and why does it use the face of a dog?

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Published: 17th April 2021

Home hacks for frugal living

Stack of new one pound coins

Cheap and simple home hacks for frugal living won't just save you money, they'll save you time and effort too. We take a look at 12 useful tips.

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Published: 16th April 2021

4 free career aptitude tests

Young woman sat at laptop by a window

Feeling stuck in a rut job-wise? Assess your skills with one of these free career aptitude tests and kickstart a new career doing what you love.

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Published: 10th March 2021

Is bicycle insurance worth it?

Female friends enjoying a vacation.

Whether you cycle or pleasure or commute every day, is bicycle insurance really worth it? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide.

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