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4. We Cannot Give Individual Advice

The aim of our website is to put you in control — to make you aware of the general issues and help you to make your own decisions and avoid being ripped off when seeking advice from others.

But The Motley Fool cannot give individual financial advice, so please don’t email to ask us how you should invest your new-found inheritance or lottery win.

However, we hope we can still help. We have tried to provide a discussion board for every imaginable investment and financial subject (and a lot of topics outside those areas, too). By asking your question on a board you’ll tap into the wealth of knowledge that’s available from all the helpful Fools out there who have expertise or experience in the subject concerned, with the added bonus that everyone can benefit from their replies.

You can look through all the boards that we have on the Discussion Boards main page – they’re arranged in ‘themed folders’, to make finding the right one a bit easier. But if you just can’t find one that seems appropriate, please post your question on the ‘general purpose’ Ask A Foolish Question board.