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10. No Spamming

Please don’t repeatedly post the same message to our discussion boards – many people read multiple boards, and seeing the same message several times tends to be very annoying.

Sometimes, a question may seem relevant to two (or possibly more) different boards. In such cases, please don’t post the full question on each board. Just ask on one of them, and then simply post a link to your question on any additional board – you can just insert the address of your question post into a new message on the other board and our system will automatically convert it into a link when you submit the post. That way, any discussion is kept on just one board, and is easier for everyone to follow.

The only exception to this rule is if you have asked an appropriate question on an appropriate discussion board and it hasn’t been answered. In this case, asking the question again – after a reasonable time has passed (which will be at least several days) – will not be considered a violation of the “No Spamming” rule. But if a second attempt doesn’t elicit any replies, asking a third time probably isn’t worth it.

Bear in mind that while some messages simply get overlooked, there are reasons why a message may go unanswered:

  • it may already have been answered lots of times – check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the board (if it has a FAQ there will be link to it in the ‘Announcements’ box at the right hand side of every message on that board)
  • it may be that no one knows the answer
  • it may be that the readers don’t understand the question

Sometimes, just rephrasing an unanswered question will increase its chances of being answered next time. But using sarcasm or an accusing tone when asking again tends to dramatically reduce the chances of obtaining an answer.