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8. No Advertising, Promotion or Solicitation

It is against our terms and conditions to advertise or solicit for business anywhere on our discussion boards without our permission.

Advertising, promotion & solicitation includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • offering items for sale
  • asking people to email you in connection with a product or service your offer
  • posting the phone number of your business
  • posting your own website address, if that site has any commercial element to it (eg, is either a business, or carries adverts)
  • posting links that include a referral code or offering to refer people for some sort of benefit of reward
  • pretending to be a ‘satisfied customer’ of something in which you have commercial or beneficial interest

The rule against Advertising, Promotion or Solicitation is strictly enforced, and violations could result in the cancellation of your registration.

Help us to keep the boards free of commercial content – if you see a message that you think is inappropriate, just use the ‘Report this Post’ link that’s provided to let us know about it.