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Michael Baxter

If you want to invest in the digital economy then Aveva shares are just the ticket

If you believe that post-Covid-19, the digital economy will the area to invest in, then I think Aveva shares are just right. More »

There are a billion new reasons to invest in Whitbread shares

I believe now is a good time to invest in Whitbread shares – and why is that? There are literally a billion reasons. You... More »

Why aren’t more investors talking about investing in this British cybersecurity company?

This British cybersecurity company doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and I think it’s shares in NCC are looking good. More »

Why I think tech investment will be best in ‘new normal’ stock markets

Michael Baxter explains why he thinks tech investment is the only obvious type of investment that will yield profits in the new normal that... More »

Is it a good time to invest in oil companies? I think long-term investors should look elsewhere

Is now a good time to invest in big oil? It depends on your time horizon, but I believe future-focused investors should think twice. More »

I think shares in this AIM-listed robotics process automation company could soar

Shares in a robotics process automation company could soar soon, I think, as the Covid crisis forces companies to adopt more automation products. More »

GlaxoSmithKline teams up with Sanofi for a Covid-19 vaccine. Are its shares worth considering?

GlaxoSmithKline has teamed up with Sanofi to develop a vaccine for Covid-19. It’s good news for everyone, but will it be good news for... More »

3 things investors can do during a stock market crash

I think there are three options for investors wondering what to do during a stock market crash. More »

Are markets near bottom? Watch out for mini spikes

Are stock markets near bottom? I don’t think they are and the reason lies with something I refer to as mini spikes. This is... More »

Investing in the Covid-19 era – I think bank shares are looking attractive

Shares in the UK’s leading banks have tumbled since the Covid-19 crisis began. I think that investing in banks is looking very tempting. More »

Watch out for the post-Covid-19 reset. I think Unilever will come out well

In the post-Covid-19 world, many companies will go bust. I think Unilever is an example of a company that will flourish. More »

Don’t fall for the buy gold narrative

The gold price has surged over the last few weeks. With many claiming we are set to see a return of inflation a belief... More »

Don’t be fooled by the recent stock market rally – more falls will follow. This is what I would do

Based on the recent stock market rally, I don’t think the markets have grasped the full meaning of the Covid-19 crisis. This is what... More »

I think this AIM-listed video games company could be a bargain

Shares in Codemasters, the AIM-listed video games company have fallen dramatically in recent weeks. There is a good reason for the fall but I... More »

Worried about the falling pound, I would look at these big exporters

The pound has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar in 35 years, but I think that we see investment opportunities emerge. More »

The markets still have further to fall, so prepare for the second wave

I still don’t think the reality of Covid-19 has sunk in with the markets. I think that the recovery, when it occurs, may be... More »

Looking beyond the headlines, I think Cineworld shares are at a bargain price 

Cineworld shares are so cheap they are either a bargain or the company is about to go bust. I think they are a bargain. More »

Why I think the oil price will recover but then crash forever

The oil price has plummeted. I think it will recover, may even soar eventually, before the oil market goes into permanent decline. More »

After a Bank of England rate cut and pro-infrastructure budget, here’s what I’d do

As the chancellor prepares his massive infrastructure investment, I think an extraordinary investment opportunity has been created in one specific sector. More »

This stock market crash is nothing like 2008, and I am throwing out most of the lessons 

Michael Baxter explains how the coronavirus-related stock market crisis is nothing like the 2008 crash, and how he will do things differently this time. More »