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I'm a freelance personal finance journalist who writes regularly for the Daily and Sunday Express, The Observer, The National in Dubai and, best of all, Fool UK.

Why Vodafone Group Plc Is Hard To Hate Right Now

Harvey Jones tried to find five reasons to hate Vodafone plc (LON: VOD), but he found a lot more to love instead. More »

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Why I Hate Lloyds Banking Group PLC

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Why I Hate BHP Billiton plc

Harvey Jones has shown plenty of love for BHP Billiton plc (LON: BLT), but will he end up hating himself in the morning? More »

Should I Buy Glencore Xstrata plc?

Glencore Xstrata plc (LON: GLEN) looked like a marriage made in heaven, but if commodity prices fall further, it could end up in highly... More »

Why I Love GlaxoSmithKline plc

GlaxoSmithKline plc (LON: GSK) has suffered one or two setbacks lately, but that only reminds Harvey Jones how much he loves it. More »

Should I Buy Reed Elsevier plc?

Harvey Jones named Reed Elsevier plc (LON: REL) a buy in February. Does its strong subsequent performance make it too expensive today? More »

Is Royal Bank of Scotland plc Still A Toxic Investment?

Royal Bank of Scotland plc (LON: RBS) still emits toxic fumes, but when the haze eventually clears investors could have some good, clean fun. More »

Should I Buy Man Group plc?

The descent of Man Group plc (LON: EMG) has been harrowing to watch, but there have been signs of a recovery lately. Is that... More »

Why I Love Marks and Spencer Group plc

Harvey Jones hates Marks and Spencer Group plc (LON: MKS). Is that because it keeps proving him wrong? More »

Why I Hate HSBC Holdings plc

Markets loved last week's results from HSBC Holdings plc (LON: HSBA), but Harvey Jones found five things to dislike. More »

Does The 25% Drop In Share Price Make Barclays Plc A Buy?

Could this be the opportunity to buy Barclays plc (LON: BARC) that Harvey Jones has been waiting for? More »

Should I Buy Shire plc?

Harvey Jones has an overwhelming desire to buy Shire plc (LON: SHP). More »

Should I Buy Amec plc?

Last time he looked at Amec plc (LON: AMEC), Harvey Jones thought it was undervalued. He isn't so sure now. More »

Should I Buy Bunzl plc?

Harvey Jones says Bunzl plc (LON: BNZL) is an unsung hero of the FTSE 100 but today's share price is nothing to sing about. More »

Should I Buy Pearson plc?

Pearson plc (LON: PSON) is a fast learner, and it needs to be, because it faces a continuing battle to keep up with changing... More »

Should I Buy Apple Inc.?

Harvey Jones says Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) must work harder to charm investors and justify claims that it has had an "amazing" year. More »

Why I Love Unilever Plc

You don't get many opportunities to buy Unilever plc (LON: ULVR) at a knock-down valuation, but Harvey Jones says this is one of them. More »

I Told You BP Plc Would Come Good!

It has taken longer than Harvey Jones expected, but BP plc (LON: BP) is starting to reward investors again. More »

Why I Hate Rio Tinto Plc

Harvey Jones is torn between love and hate for Rio Tinto plc (LON: RIO). But today, hate wins. More »