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Harvey Jones

I'm a freelance personal finance journalist who writes regularly for the Daily and Sunday Express, The Observer, The National in Dubai and, best of all, Fool UK.

Why I Love GlaxoSmithKline plc

GlaxoSmithKline plc (LON: GSK) has suffered one or two setbacks lately, but that only reminds Harvey Jones how much he loves it. More »

Should I Buy Reed Elsevier plc?

Harvey Jones named Reed Elsevier plc (LON: REL) a buy in February. Does its strong subsequent performance make it too expensive today? More »

Is Royal Bank of Scotland plc Still A Toxic Investment?

Royal Bank of Scotland plc (LON: RBS) still emits toxic fumes, but when the haze eventually clears investors could have some good, clean fun. More »

Should I Buy Man Group plc?

The descent of Man Group plc (LON: EMG) has been harrowing to watch, but there have been signs of a recovery lately. Is that... More »

Why I Love Marks and Spencer Group plc

Harvey Jones hates Marks and Spencer Group plc (LON: MKS). Is that because it keeps proving him wrong? More »

Why I Hate HSBC Holdings plc

Markets loved last week's results from HSBC Holdings plc (LON: HSBA), but Harvey Jones found five things to dislike. More »

Does The 25% Drop In Share Price Make Barclays Plc A Buy?

Could this be the opportunity to buy Barclays plc (LON: BARC) that Harvey Jones has been waiting for? More »

Should I Buy Shire plc?

Harvey Jones has an overwhelming desire to buy Shire plc (LON: SHP). More »

Should I Buy Amec plc?

Last time he looked at Amec plc (LON: AMEC), Harvey Jones thought it was undervalued. He isn't so sure now. More »

Should I Buy Bunzl plc?

Harvey Jones says Bunzl plc (LON: BNZL) is an unsung hero of the FTSE 100 but today's share price is nothing to sing about. More »

Should I Buy Pearson plc?

Pearson plc (LON: PSON) is a fast learner, and it needs to be, because it faces a continuing battle to keep up with changing... More »

Should I Buy Apple Inc.?

Harvey Jones says Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) must work harder to charm investors and justify claims that it has had an "amazing" year. More »

Why I Love Unilever Plc

You don't get many opportunities to buy Unilever plc (LON: ULVR) at a knock-down valuation, but Harvey Jones says this is one of them. More »

I Told You BP Plc Would Come Good!

It has taken longer than Harvey Jones expected, but BP plc (LON: BP) is starting to reward investors again. More »

Why I Hate Rio Tinto Plc

Harvey Jones is torn between love and hate for Rio Tinto plc (LON: RIO). But today, hate wins. More »

Why I Love Barclays PLC

Harvey Jones says there is so much to hate about Barclays PLC (LON: BARC), you've just got to love it. More »

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc Sell-Off Could Match The Success Of Royal Mail plc

The flotation of Royal Mail plc (LON: RMG) was a storming success. Any privatisation of Royal Bank of Scotland plc (LON: RBS) could generate... More »

Why I Love Standard Chartered PLC

Standard Chartered PLC (LON: STAN) has been through a tough few years, but Harvey Jones suspects that brighter times lie ahead. More »

Why I Love Banco Santander SA

With just 8% of its profits coming from the troubled Spanish economy, Banco Santander SA (LON: BNC) could be less risky than you think.... More »

Why I Love Lloyds Banking Group PLC

Enough hate, now is the time for investors to show a little love for Lloyds Banking Group plc (LON: LLOY). More »