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What should I do if I owe council tax?

Local authorities are planning tax increases up to 5%. Here's what you can do if you're worried about what you might owe in council... More »

Spring Budget: £150m pledged for high-risk high street community ownership

The Community Ownership Fund was unveiled as part of the government's latest Budget. Find out what it is and how it can help your... More »

Alcohol and fuel duty frozen: what this means for you

In the latest budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that alcohol and fuel duty will be frozen. Here's what it means for you. More »

How much is the UK State Pension?

Find out with MyWalletHero how much the UK State Pension is, how much you could be entitled to and when you qualify. More »

What you need to know about IKEA’s buy back scheme

The IKEA buy back scheme will be rolled out as soon as restrictions on non-essential shops ease. Here's a reminder of how it works.... More »

UK house prices forecast to increase nearly 20% in the next decade

UK house prices rose by 7% in 2020, but is that trend likely to continue in the next decade? Let's take a look at... More »

Looking for your forever home? These are the top UK cities to invest in property

Dreaming of your forever home but can't decide on a location? Here are the top-rated UK cities to settle down in. More »

Lost track of your pension pots? You’re not alone…

If you've lost track of your pension pots, you're not alone - more than a third of us have. Here's how to keep them... More »

When will UK borders reopen?

The government has announced its roadmap out of lockdown. Find out when UK borders are likely to reopen and when we can go on... More »

Things to do in half-term 2021: free and cheap lockdown-friendly activities

Looking for things to do with the kids in half-term? We take a look at some free (or very cheap) activities to keep the... More »

Should I move out of the city?

Now that remote working has become the norm, should you move out of the city? For renters, the move could mean big savings -... More »

4 traits that show characteristics of entrepreneurship

Have you got what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Here are four crucial characteristics of entrepreneurship. More »

Open banking: what it is, what it is not and how it can help you

What is open banking? MyWalletHero explains what open banking is, how it works and crucially, how it can help you. More »

What is PPI and how did it go wrong?

What is PPI? MyWalletHero explains what payment protection insurance is, and takes a look at how it went wrong. More »

6 best resources for debt advice in the UK

Don't let debt drag you down. Take back control of your money and explore six of the best resources for debt advice in the... More »

How to make money from home online in the UK

Find out how you can make money online from the safety and comfort of home with Anne East. More »

10 cheap home-based ideas to keep date night alive

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8 tips to get inspired to save more money

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5 common budgeting mistakes and how to avoid them

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Facts about credit cards you probably didn’t know

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