Motley Fool Share Dealing

£10 per trade, with discounts for regular and frequent trades.

Rates and charges

Important note for existing Motley Fool Share Dealing customers

As you may be aware, Motley Fool Share Dealing is currently provided by interactive investor. We have written to all of our customers recently to update them on important changes to the investment platform, Terms and pricing. You can read more about these changes here. If you have an existing Motley Fool Share Dealing account, you can check your existing charges here.

Looking for new Share Dealing Service?

You can apply for a share dealing account today with interactive investor, our preferred partner. Interactive investor aim to provide great value for money, through simple, fair and clear charges, so it’s easy to work out what it costs to invest. 

There are no set up fees, for opening or transferring an account or to convert share certificates to online holdings. Charges are based on how you invest, not the value of your investments – there’s no percentage based custody charges so you won’t end up paying more if your portfolio value increases. 

Interactive investor asks you to make a flat payment each quarter and in return they look after your assets securely and give you trading credits, which you can use to pay for your trades. Everyone is different and invests differently, so you can use your trading credits in the way that suits you the best – across any accounts that are held in your sole name and linked.

New Rates & Charges apply to all new accounts opened after 10th November 2017 and for all accounts effective 11th December 2017.

Quarterly payment                                                  £22.50 per customer*

In return for your flat quarterly payment ii look after your assets securely and give you the same value in trading credits, which you can use to pay for your commission charges. Trading credits do not expire, however the maximum value of trading credits you can accrue is £90. Payments are not refundable and will continue to be collected if your trading credits are not used. When trading credits have been used you’ll pay the relevant commission on each trade for the rest of the quarter. The first quarterly payment is due on the second Wednesday of the month following account opening.  

* Please note, joint accounts are treated as a separate customer and sole name accounts that are not linked will also be charged separately. If you have multiple linked accounts, which you access with one username or account number, you’ll make a single flat quarterly payment covering all those accounts and you can use your trading credits in any of them.  

Online and mobile trading commission charges

Your commission rate is worked out at the end of each month, taking into account qualifying trades across all your linked accounts. If you’ve traded 10 or more times a month on average in the preceding 3-month period you’ll qualify for the Frequent Trader rate, on all your linked accounts, from the start of the next month.

Qualifying trades are Equity, Fund, ETF and Investment Trust trades where commission has been paid in full.

The following do not qualify; Dividend reinvestment trades, regular investing trades, FX-only trades, New Issues, cancelled or deleted trades and trades processed at a zero or promotional rate of commission.

Your trading credits can be used towards any of the following commission charges:   

Buy or sell UK shares, funds (unit trusts and OEIC’s), bonds, gilts and exchange traded products

Trade value


Frequent Trader

£100,000 and under



£100,000.01 to £500,000



Over £500,000



Buy or sell US shares

Trade value


Frequent Trader

£100,000 and under



Over £100,000

0.03% of the trade value. 

Buy or sell other international shares

Trade value


Frequent Trader

£25,000 and under



Over £25,000

0.08% of the trade value. 

International commissions are charged in the customer’s settlement currency and multiplied by the conversion rate (if applicable) subject to the minimum and maximum charges shown. If an order is filled over a number of days, there is a separate commission charge for each day there is a fill.

Other trading commission charges

Your trading credits can be used towards any of the following commission charges:   

 Type of trade



Dividend reinvestment


For each individual purchase made using the dividend reinvestment facility. The minimum dividend value for reinvestment is £10.

Regular investing


For each individual, monthly purchase made using the regular investment facility. Minimum £25 transaction value or such higher amount for any specific investment that is notified on our website. Sales are charged at the relevant online commission rate.

Bed & ISA instruction


on the sale

Online or telephone trade commission only applies to the re-purchase.

Extended settlement         (buy orders greater than T+2)


In addition to the relevant online commission rate.



In addition to the relevant online commission rate. Trades cannot be made online. The telephone trades charge does not apply.

Your trading credits cannot be used towards the following commission charge:   

 Type of trade



Telephone trades


In addition to the relevant online commission rate.

Foreign exchange (FX)

Transaction value

Margin rate


£0 – 24,999.99


The FX rate for currency conversion is based on the bid/offer exchange rate to which we apply a spread of up to +/- 1.5% at the time of execution. If multiple trades (“fills”) are required to execute your trade the FX rate is calculated on the value of each fill and you may end up paying a higher FX charge than for a single transaction of the same total value.

£25,000 – £49,999.99


£50,000 – £99,999.99


£100,000 – £599,999.99


£600,000 or more


Withdrawing cash

The charge to withdraw cash from your account depends on the currency you are withdrawing. There is only a charge to withdraw Sterling (GBP) or Euro (EUR) currency if you request an urgent bank transfer.


Sterling (GBP)

Euro (EUR)

US Dollar

Dollar (CAD)

Dollar (AUD)

Dollar (SGD)

Hong Kong
Dollar (HKD)

Swiss Franc

Krona (SEK)












(up to £100,000)











(over £100,000)



Charges are paid at the point of withdrawal. You must ensure sufficient funds are available to cover the withdrawal amount and the applicable charge.

Cash interest rates

Account type

Gross interest rate


All accounts


This is due to exceptionally low interest rate levels. If interest rates rise we will actively review this.

All interest is paid gross of income tax. You are responsible for payment of any income tax that may be due through your self-assessment return.

Administration & other investing charges

Holding funds (unit trusts and OEICs)


Fund managers may apply an initial sales charge and will apply an ongoing or annual management charge. Specific charges for each fund are detailed in the fund fact sheet. We do not receive trail commission from fund managers.

Deposit a share certificate


To convert UK share certificates to online holdings.

Share certificate withdrawal

£35 + VAT

Per certificate, to convert online shares to a paper certificate in your own name (only available for CREST securities).

Transfer stock to another provider


To transfer out if you have been with us for less than 1 year.


Per line of stock if you have been with us for more than 1 year. Subject to a minimum of £30 and a maximum of £250.

Cash withdrawal by cheque


For each cheque issued.

Failed payments


Unpaid direct debits, bounced cheques and rejected debit card payments.

Late settlement


Or currency equivalent, plus 15% above Bank of England Base Rate charged on the debt.

Sell out fee due to non-payment


Plus trading commission if applicable. Charged if you have insufficient cash and we sell assets to make settlement.

Paper documents 

£10 + VAT

Per document for sending Consolidated Tax Certificates and statements and duplicate copies, including contract notes.

Contract notes sent by post

£1 + VAT

Per document if your document delivery preference is by post. Does not apply to telephone trades.

Registered post


For sending share certificates by registered post (optional).

Valuation of holdings for probate

£10 + VAT

Per line of stock. Subject to a maximum of £200 + VAT.

VCTs processing charge


Per application.

CREST Personal Membership (CPM) Account fee

£15 + VAT

Per calendar quarter, charged during the penultimate week of the quarter on all CPM accounts.

This account is only available to customers who transferred an existing CREST membership account from NatWest Stockbrokers.

SIPP charges

These charges are in addition to the trading commissions and charges shown above.

Charges for setting up your SIPP

SIPP set up



Transfers In



Charges for managing your SIPP

Annual SIPP fee

£100 + VAT 

Payable annually in advance

Transfer out to another pension provider

£75 + VAT

Per transfer if transferring to a UK scheme, in addition to the transfer stock to another provider charge

£500 + VAT

Per transfer if transferring to an overseas scheme, in addition to the transfer stock to another provider charge

Pension sharing on divorce

£300 + VAT

Payable for the calculation and processing of pension sharing on divorce

Payment of death benefits

Typically £200 – £500 + VAT 

The charge for the calculation and processing of death benefits will be based on the time spent so will depend on the complexity of your case.

Closing your SIPP

£300 + VAT

If you close your SIPP during the first year, except when closed due to death, ill health or serious ill health benefits.


If you close your SIPP after the first year.

Taking your pension benefits

Annual drawdown fee (for Flexi-access drawdown or capped income drawdown)

£100 + VAT


Payable annually in advance, in additional to the annual SIPP fee.  The charge includes regular payments, and is payable even if you elect to take ‘nil’ income in any year.

Single payment outside standard monthly payment date



Changing from capped to flexi-access drawdown



Additional amount allocated to Capped drawdown



Review of capped income drawdown

£50 + VAT

Payable in advance every 3 years up to age 75 and annually from age 75

Uncrystallised funds pension lump sum (UFPLS)

£50 + VAT

Per payment. The first 25% of each payment is tax-free, with the remainder paid net of tax.

Annuity purchase

£75 + VAT

Per transfer

See charges applicable to Interactive Investor SIPP customers who commenced drawdown prior to 6 April 2015

Government charges

UK Stamp Duty


UK equity buys

Irish Stamp Duty


Irish equity buys

UK PTM levy


Flat-rate charge on UK equity buys and sells where the trade value is more than £10,000.

ITP levy


Flat-rate charge on Irish equity buys and sells where the trade value is more than €12,500.

Hong Kong transaction levy



Hong Kong trading fee


Equity and company warrant buys and sells

Hong Kong Stamp Duty



Singapore clearing fee


All buys and sells

French Financial Transaction Tax


For buys of eligible French stocks

Italian Financial Transaction Tax


For buys of eligible Italian stocks

Where relevant VAT is payable at the prevailing rate.


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