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Please note that the list below doesn’t include the company (ie, individual share) discussion boards.

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A fool And His Money…
AIM Companies
Agricultural Commodities
All UK Shares
Alliance Trust Savings
American Counter Offensive
American Politics
American Presidential Election
Analysing Reports and Accounts
Analyst Magazine
Angling Fools
Annuities and Drawdown
Antiques & Collectables
Asian Investments
Ask A Foolish Question – for any general investing-related questions
Australia & New Zealand


Back Pain – ideas for relief
Banking Sector
Barclays Stockbrokers
Battrick Fantasy Cricket
Beerpig’s Snug
Bert’s Investor Sanctuary
Been There, Done That!
Billy’s Midnight Bunker
Book Club
Books About Investing
Broadband and Internet Services
Budget Discussion
Build Your Own Home
Building / DIY Fools
Building Your Own Web Page
Buying a Car


Cahoot Financial Products
Caring Fools
Carmensfella’s Quickies
Carpetbaggers’ Corner
Cars & Driving
Charity Fools
Christian Fools
Civil Discussion Forum – for discussing discussion
Climate Change
Comedy Corner
Comfort Cafe
Communion of Bears
Communion of Bulls
Competitive Motoring
Comps & Draws
Computer, Help With This Blasted
Contemplating Trading Strategies
Counter Spin
Crafts and Hobbies
Credit Cards & Loans
Crime & Criminals
Curiosity Corner
Current & Savings Accounts


Dancing Fools
Dating Debrief
Day Trading – The Devil’s Den
Dealing with Debt
Debt – Social Trends & Policy
Decluttering Fools
Diving Fools
Does Anybody Know… ?
Domestic & Household Matters
DRIP Dividend Reinvestment Plans
Duelling Fools
DWD Book Project, The


Economic Analysis
Economic Markets & Trends
Educating Your Kids at Home
Egg Financial Products
Employment & Redundancy Issues
Employee Share Schemes
Endowments and Life Assurance
Environmental Living-Green Fools
Equitable Life Support
Equitable Life: Current Policies
Equity Release Plans
Ethical Investing
EU Referendum – Stay or Go?
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Expatriate Investors


Fair Trade and Fools
Family Fools
Far Flung Fools
Fastrade Products
Financial Regulation
Financial Software
Fireside Friends
Fitness & Exercise
Flying Fools
Flyingbull’s Oil Trading Forum
Foolish Beer Drinkers
Foolish Social Events (London)
Foolish Social Events NOT London
Football Fools
Foreign Exchange & Currencies
Foreign Fools resident in the UK


Gadgets & Gizmos
Games for Computers & Consoles
Games Without Computers
GAT’s Investing Contest
Gay & Lesbian Financial Issues
General Insurance
German Blue Chip DAX
Gift Ideas
Gilts & Corporate Bonds
Gold & Other Precious Metals
Golf Nuts
Great Outdoors, The
Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP)
Growth Shares
Grumpy Old Fools


Halifax Sharebuilder
Hattrick Fantasy Football
Health and Happiness
High Yield -Practical
High Yield -Strategies
Holiday Ideas & Advice
Home Brewing
Home Entertainment
Hypermiling & Eco-driving


Icelandic Bank Situation
IFAs and RDR
Improve the Fool Site
Index Trackers
Insurance Sector
Intelligent Finance
Internet Games
Interfaith Dialogue
Investing For Children
Investing for Income
Investment Clubs
Investment Psychology
Investment Strategies
Investment Trusts & Unit Trusts
ISAs (and PEPs)
Islamic Investing Issues
IT Contractors


Jobs / Careers Advice
Jokers Corner


KingMcKong’s Katastrophe Korner – share your investing disasters, and learn from others’
Knitting & Needlework


Land of Off Topic Posts
Land Of Serious Topics
Language Matters
Legal & General’s Products
Legal Issues – General – for discussion of general legal topics
Legal Issues – Practical – for help with specific legal problems
Live to Eat
Living Below Your Means
Locker Room, The
London Lovers
Lost in Thought
Loyalty and Reward Schemes


Mac Computer, Help With
Mechanical Investing
Mechanical Investing – Tools
Media Sector
Medical Matters – Comp & Alt
Medical Matters – Conventional
Mid Cap Movers
Middle Eastern Topics
Mind Body Spirit
Mining Sector
Mobile Phones & PDAs
Motorbiking Fools
Money-Saving Tips
Motley Fool ShareDealing Service
Music – Classical
Music From The Internet
Music Music Music
Musical Fools
Mystery Shopping


New Issues / Flotations
NLP and Motivational Speakers


Oil & Gas – Companies
Oil & Gas – Markets & Trends
Oil Trading Forum
Olympic Games
Online Auctions
Options, CFDs & Spread Bets
Overcoming Addictions
Overvalued Shares and Shorting


Pagan Fools
PaulyPilot’s Pub – Macro Topics
Paulypilot’s Pub – Share Ideas
Paulypilot’s Pub – Other Stuff
Pedants’ Corner
Pensions – Practical Problems
Pensions – Motivation and Policy
Pets & Vets
Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Sector
Planet X , UK Gateway
PLUS Companies
Political Fools
Poker School
Portfolio Management & Review
Powder Room
Premium Bonds
Property – Markets and Trends
Property Investing – Commercial
Property Investing – Overseas
Property Investing – Practical
Pub Quiz


None – anyone want to discuss Quoits?


Radio Rambles
RaggyDolly’s Toffee Shop
Reality TV
REITs and Property Companies
Recipes & Cooking
Reclaim Unfair Bank & CC Charges
Reclaim Unfair Mortgage Fees
Redundant Fools Lunch Club, The
Religious & Philosophical Topics
Renewable Energy & Fuel Cells
Retail Sector
Retired Fools
Retirement Investing
Riddles and Brain Teasers
Rochdale Exiles
Running Your Own Business
Rural Living


Sailing – Fools Afloat
Science & Sensibility
Science Fiction
Scottish Independence Referendum
Scouts & Guides
Season’s Greetings
Self-Invested Personal Pensions
Self-employed Fools
Selftrade Products & Services
Shareholders’ Action Groups
Shareholder Perks
Shareholder Rights
Sharescope Software User Group
Shopping Fools
Social Media
Sport (General)
Sports Betting
Squiffy’s House Of Fun
Standard Life
Steam Railways
Stopping Smoking
Student Finances
Students and Studying
Studying Accountancy


Tape Tree
Taxes – Practical Issues
Taxes – Socio-Political Issues
Tech Shares
Technical Analysis
Telecoms Sector
Theatre & Performing Arts
The Dead Punk Panther Society
The Ink Spot
The Redundant Fools Lunch Club
The Word Is Your Oyster
TheCornishman & Foolish Friends
Tim’s Travels
TMF Books
Travel & Leisure Sector
Tomorrow’s hotTomato
Trading My Way To A Million
TV Talk


United States
Utilities Sector
Utilities – Switch and Save


Value Investing Using TA and FA
Value Share List
Value Shares
Vanguard (Funds)
Venture Capital
Virgin’s Financial Products
Visual Arts


Warrants – please use Options, CFDs & Spread Bets
Wedding Bells
Weight Control
What’s New at the Motley Fool
Wheel Tappers & Shunters Club
Wildebeasts Watering Hole
Wills & Probate
Wine Lovers – Oenophile’s Orgy
Winter Sports
Women’s Finance and Investing
Working From Home
Writers Retreat


None – anyone want to discuss Xylophones?


Your Tomorrow Starts Today