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Why are thousands of UK investors spending their money on advice from The Motley Fool?

You’ve probably heard a bit of buzz around Motley Fool Share Advisor recently… and rightly so!

After all, its stock recommendations have been helping thousands of investors clock up market beating gains1 since launching in 2012…

But because there’s more to our service than just the numbers, we’d like to take a moment to answer some of the most common Share Advisor questions we’re often asked… so you can decide for yourself whether our humble service is worth your hard-earned money.

We know you’re busy, so let’s jump right into the details...

What do I actually GET as a member of Motley Fool Share Advisor?

First and foremost, you get access to our team of top investors and all their best investment thinking. Specifically, with Share Advisor, that means you get two new recommendations each month emailed straight to your inbox.

Each pick walks you through the buying case for a stock, spelling out exactly why a company might be a good addition to your portfolio, as well as the potential risks.

You also get access to:

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Best Buys Now

Best ideas chosen from all the picks since the service started.

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Starter Stocks

A handful of stocks that we think can make a great foundation for any portfolio.

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A place to get help and to share your thoughts with like-minded investors.

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Knowledge Base

Our educational materials are designed to help you work towards becoming an expert investor.

How are Motley Fool Share Advisor’s recommendations performing?

Of course, the most important aspect of a share recommendation service is how well its tips perform! So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how Share Advisor is stacking up…

Here’s a taste of just a few of the successes that have already led current members to some incredible gains.

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Micro Focus



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Of course, these are some of our most successful tips, selected to illustrate the potential profits… not all of our picks have progressed quite so handsomely. Some have fallen in value.

But overall our investment team has firmly beaten the market since Motley Fool Share Advisor launched in early 2012.1


Motley Fool Share Advisor1


S&P UK Broad Market Index1

I want to invest, but isn’t putting my money in shares incredibly risky?

I’m sure that question has crossed your mind — we absolutely understand your fear! And let me assure you… you’re certainly not alone in asking this.

You’re investing your hard-earned cash to try and make your dreams come true, not to see it drip out of your brokerage account like change through a hole in your pocket.

The truth is that loss happens. Even the world’s best investors pick the occasional lemon.

But they don’t panic.

They understand that if you buy and hold for the long term, it’s possible one of your investments could go to 0. But you can gain many, many times more than you could ever lose.

And they play it smart.

With a portfolio made up of a dozen great stocks or more, we believe your winners are most likely going to squash the ones that didn't play out the way you expected.

That strategy has helped hundreds of thousands of investors build lasting wealth. Without fear.


We understand you might still have some questions…

You still might even have some doubts…

We don’t blame you.

So if you’re still not sure if our Motley Fool Share Advisor service is worth checking out…

Or if it’s right for you…

Here’s what we recommend:

Take a look at the results real Share Advisor members have been getting because they were a part of our service…

“Because of Motley Fool Share Advisor, I have felt confident to make investments in shares which I hope will provide me with financial security during my retirement. I just wish I had started sooner!”

A. Davidson, Leeds

“I am really happy that I joined Motley Fool Share Advisor, as I feel that I am finally taking control of my finances and I am really enjoying the experience of investing.”

N. Demblon, London

“Would I recommend Motley Fool Share Advisor? I do, every time I meet my former colleagues, who are still saving for their retirement. Will I stop using the service now that I have retired? Not until my children can afford to retire too!”

J.C., Hampshire

Now it’s clear what we’re doing has been working, isn’t it?

There is, however, one last thing I need to make you aware of… If you’re looking for a magic formula or a quick fix, Motley Fool Share Advisor is probably not for you. We’re all about trying to find fantastic companies and holding them for the long haul.

Investing riches don’t magically appear overnight!

But if you’re serious about your financial future and want to commit to trying to build your lasting wealth…

Just click the button below and discover if our Share Advisor service is right for you…

Click here to get started with Share Advisor now!

What if I join Motley Fool Share Advisor, and realise that it’s not for me?

We fully appreciate that you might still have some questions even after you subscribe.

You might even have some nagging doubts lingering…

But we firmly believe that the best way for you to truly decide whether Motley Fool Share Advisor is right for you, is to try it for yourself!

And that’s exactly what you can do today, without risking a penny of your membership fee.

You see, when you sign up to Share Advisor, you’re automatically covered by our ‘no-quibbles’ 30-day Subscription Refund Guarantee…

…meaning you can dive in and experience the service first hand for a full month, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact our customer service team who’ll refund your subscription fee — no questions asked.

Before you submit your order...

...let’s quickly review everything you’re entitled to when you join our market-beating1 Motley Fool Share Advisor share-tipping service today…

  • Our TWO Top Share Recommendations Every Month: That’s one income and one growth pick we consider to have superior money-making potential. We’ll send you all the details you need to invest, including buy and sell recommendations and updates on the progress of the shares. We’ll monitor impending market storms and keep you aware of exciting trends.
  • Ongoing Coverage: We won’t leave you guessing on any company we’ve recommended. Instead, you’ll receive easy-to-follow ‘buy-hold-and-sell’ guidance for all of the active share picks in the service.
  • Weekly Updates: Share Advisor is not just about delivering your recommendations. Our experts will take you by the hand and show you the secrets of their investment strategies, so that you can develop and grow in confidence as a private investor.
  • Live Interactive Scorecard: We keep track of how all of the Share Advisor recommendations are performing relative to the S&P UK Broad Market Index.
  • Bonus reports and educational content: Share Advisor will release other special reports, tutorials and other exciting bonuses to our members.
  • Full priority support: Should you get stuck, have questions or need to know anything at all, you’ll have a customer service number available 9am — 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • 30-Day Subscription Refund Guarantee: If you’re not bowled over by the service we provide, simply cancel at any time within your first 30 days and we will refund your subscription fee in full — no questions asked.

We look forward to welcoming you inside!

Click here to get started with Share Advisor now!

PS. When you join Motley Fool Share Advisor today, you get our two best stock picks a month… helping you work towards beating the market in just minutes a month… even if you don’t have a lot to invest… without fear. Start right now!

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a) Your card will be charged £249 for your first two years of service. At the end of this period, your subscription will automatically renew at £249 every two years.

b) Your card will be charged £149 for your first year of service. At the end of your first year, your subscription will automatically renew at £149 annually.

Applicable to all subscription terms shown above: You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting [email protected]. If you cancel within your first 30 days you will receive a full subscription refund. After this time, your initial subscription is non-refundable.

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Risk Warning

  • The value of shares and the income from them can fall as well as rise.
  • You run an extra risk of losing money when you buy shares in certain smaller companies including "penny shares".
  • There is a big difference between the buying price and the selling price of these shares. If you have to sell them immediately, you may get back much less than you paid for them. The price may change quickly, it may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. It may be difficult to sell or realize the investment.
  • You should not speculate using money you cannot afford to lose.
  • We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all statements of fact and opinion contained in this publication are fair and accurate in all material aspects.
  • Investors should seek appropriate professional advice from their stockbroker or other adviser if any points are unclear.
  • This newsletter gives general advice only, and the investments mentioned may not necessarily be suitable for any individual.
  • The newsletter may recommend securities listed on overseas stock exchanges. Investors may incur extra charges when dealing in these securities and should check with their stockbroker before dealing.
  • Changes in exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value of the value or price of these investments in sterling terms.

Small Print

1. Motley Fool Share Advisor has delivered an overall return of 34.4%. The S&P UK Broad Market index has delivered an overall return of 25.0%. Returns are calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TWRR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs. The S&P UK Broad Market returns include dividends reinvested. Returns are measured from the date of each recommendation to the close of trading on 31/07/2019. 2 recommendations per month have been made since 27/02/2012.

2. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of Micro Focus plc (LSE:MCRO) on 23/04/2012. As of the close of trading on 31/07/2019 the shares had gained 495.8%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.

3. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of HomeServe plc (LSE:HSV) on 28/08/2012. As of the close of trading on 31/07/2019 the shares had gained 557.5%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.

4. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of Britvic plc (LSE:BVIC) on 23/07/2012. As of the close of trading on 31/07/2019 the shares had gained 303.8%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.

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