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What is Green Friday?

What is Green Friday?
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Green Friday is set to rival the traditional Black Friday events this year – but what is it, and how can you get involved? We break down everything you need to know. 

When is Green Friday?

Green Friday falls on the same day as the traditional Black Friday sales, so in 2020, it’s on 27 November. There’s no official ‘end’ date, and shops are most likely to run their promotions for the entire weekend, if not a little longer. 

What is Green Friday all about?

Think of Green Friday almost like a protest against its better-known Black Friday counterpart. Here’s what it’s designed to do:

  • Raise awareness around our obsession with fast, disposable fashion. 
  • Encourage us to reduce our carbon footprint by shopping locally rather than internationally.
  • Promote choosing second-hand furniture and goods over brand new products.
  • Make us question whether we really need something before we buy it – a strategy that can save us money in the long run!

The whole concept started back in 1992, when it was originally called ‘Buy Nothing Day’. While there’s been little talk around the day for many years, it’s back in the spotlight now that we’re becoming more eco-conscious as a society. 

Are some shops raising prices?

Yes. Some shops plan on raising their prices and donating the profits to sustainable charities or initiatives. Not all shops will increase their prices, though. Some plan on simply making donations or planting trees. 

Let’s check out some examples of how retailers plan on celebrating Green Friday:

  • Vivo Life: 10% of sales revenue goes to environmental charities.
  • Sofology: the company will plant a tree for every sofa ordered.
  • Belstaff: donating 10% of sales to the Big Issue Foundation.
  • Ella’s Kitchen: giving all profits from online sales to Trees for Life. 
  • Allbirds: raising prices across all online stores and donating the profits to Fridays for Future.
  • IKEA: launching an initiative to return unwanted furniture. 

Take a look online and see which local stores are participating near you.

How can I get involved?

Whether you’re shopping this Green Friday or you’re just looking for ways to get involved, here are some ideas for making the most of the weekend. 

  • Shop locally where you can, because there’s less impact on the environment. Since we’re still in lockdown, check out which local stores are selling goods online. 
  • Rather than spending money on gift wrap, buy your friends and family gift experiences this Christmas, or opt for gift cards instead.
  • If you’re buying presents, opt for reusable gift bags.
  • Invest in some reusable shopping bags so you don’t need to use plastic ones anymore.
  • Check out second-hand stores for gift ideas. 
  • Go for a walk or a picnic (just remember to bundle up warm!)
  • Try to use natural lighting as much as possible, and turn off your TV, laptop or iPad for the day. 

Remember, Green Friday isn’t about spending money. It’s about celebrating our world and promoting ways we can shop more sustainably. So even if all you do is spread the word about the initiative, you’re still taking part. 


If we could summarise Green Friday in one word, it’s sustainability. The movement is here to stay, and it’s worth getting involved if you can.

Even if you’re not in a position to buy anything, just get outside for a while and enjoy the fresh air, or try out a relaxing hobby like yoga or Pilates. And if you’ve got the cash to splurge a little this year, check out the retailers celebrating Green Friday.

Sure the prices may be a bit higher than normal, but the profits are all for a great cause!

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