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Our picks for the best online clothing app

Our picks for the best online clothing app
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Apps are a great way to personalise and simplify online shopping for fashion. Read on to find the best online clothing app for your lifestyle and budget.

Advantages of online clothing apps

Even before social distancing made shopping in person an anxiety-inducing experience, at least 55% of British people were buying clothing online. Retailers are aware that almost 50% of their potential consumers prefer to shop using a mobile, rather than in person. 

Using an app to browse, and purchase, is more than just a convenient way to shop on the go. Many apps offer additional features and rewards. The best online clothing apps should encourage choice and individuality, whilst delivering great value and good customer service. 

Here are some of the top clothing apps to suit every style.

1. The best online clothing app for designer brands

High-end fashion is at your fingertips with an app that sources from the world’s most talented designers. If the price is out of reach, it’s still possible to browse top brands for inspiration, from your sofa. Try Farfetch, which offers personal recommendations, advance notice of sales, and a pick up service for returns.

The REVOLVE app is highly rated, offering access to curated shops and designer brands, plus tips on up-to-the-minute trends. The best designer clothing apps track down some irresistible deals, making it well worth reaching for the credit card

2. Download a clothing app and discover your personal style

For those who can never decide what to wear, an app can function as your personal stylist. The best styling apps keep an inventory of your wardrobe, create a calendar, and help to choose an outfit based on weather predictions. Most link to wish lists, enabling shoppers to match new purchases with their existing wardrobe. Styling apps can require a subscription, but there are some free ones to try.

With XZ(Closet) you can select images of items that are similar to clothes you own, rather than take and upload photos. The app then sends mix and match ideas to redesign your style, and ensures you never wear the same outfit to the same event.

3. Best fast fashion app

ASOS is simple to use, yet offers plenty of flexibility for personalised searches. Take or upload a photo of an item you like and the app will find similar designs to purchase. There are videos and 360-degree photos to help you make the right choice. ASOS is a must-have app for young people, who demand a speedy checkout with free and fast delivery.

4. Sell it on

There are more places than eBay and car boot sales to make money from your decluttered wardrobe. Vinted is a marketplace for pre-owned clothes, accessories and more. From high street brands to designer and vintage clothing, sellers can make money from good quality clothes no longer in use.

It is free to list items, but there is a small fee for buyers per sale. Users can customise their feed, chat with sellers and buyers, and refer to themselves as a ‘Vintie’.

5. Bargain hunting

Zulily is the best online clothing app for recreating the retro experience of flicking through the pages of a catalogue. Bargains are updated daily, and there are plenty of attractive savings. Shop for clothes for all the family, plus home decor and more.

The app has a bright and cheerful vibe, and is a good choice for buying new clothes on a budget. Delivery can be slow, so plan purchases well ahead for a special occasion.

6. Vintage and independent

Depop has created a lively community for buyers and sellers of vintage and quirky fashion. This is the best online clothing app for following your favourites, and building connections to create a unique style. Depop began as a social network, and the app retains the character of a social media site. 

7. Renting 

For the best clothing app to dress the smartest you can afford on a tight budget, think renting. By Rotation matches lenders with renters, and includes a messaging system. Transactions are monitored and there are established protocols for cleaning, care and delivery. Pieces can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. You could be wearing an outfit that cost £500 for less than £10. By Rotation aims to encourage sustainability by reducing unnecessary and costly purchases.

8. Tip to share

The latest trend is not to buy clothes at all. Swapping apps completely bypass money, and the clothes themselves become the currency. Swapping is less hassle than selling, and there is always a new outfit available with nothing to pay. Try Swancy, for a fun way to refresh your wardrobe.


Finding the best online clothing app is about more than clicking on a cart. It can revolutionise the way we shop for fashion. 

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