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How to make money on TaskRabbit

How to make money on TaskRabbit
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TaskRabbit is one of several odd-job apps that provide a platform to work flexible hours and earn money. But how can you make money as a Tasker? Here are some tips on getting started, and how to maximise your income.

What is TaskRabbit?

Founded in the US in 2008, TaskRabbit matches people who need practical help with those able to provide it. It’s a quick and easy way to get a job done or find casual work. For example, TaskRabbit has links with IKEA and is the place to find someone to assemble flat-pack purchases. If you are handy with an Allen key, there is plenty of work available.

Task Rabbit is currently expanding in the UK, rivalling other sites like CaretoShare and Airtasker.

How does TaskRabbit work?

To become a Tasker, you must create an account.

Select the geographical area you want to work in and choose a task category – anything from sewing to furniture removal. Provide your contact details and download the app on your phone. You can’t be a tasker without a smartphone.

Taskers are required to provide a profile picture and then progress through security checks. While submitting proof of identity, right to work, and DBS might be a hassle, this provides reassurance to people who will be employing you in their homes. You can apply for a DBS check online, and it costs £23.

Once registered as a Tasker, you can set your availability, the area you work in and your hourly rate. It’s worth bearing in mind that some types of work are more in demand than others. The app will prompt you to offer more skills if you can.

Clients search for Taskers in their area who are available to complete the work at the right time. More availability and competitive rates will lead to more invitations. 

How do you get paid on TaskRabbit?

At the moment, TaskRabbit only operates in a few larger cities in the UK. It helps to live in, or close to, one of them. That way, when you ‘draw your map’ you can cover a rich seam of potential customers.

There is no fee to pay to use TaskRabbit as a Tasker, so any money you make is all yours. Clients pay a surcharge to TaskRabbit on your hourly rate.

TaskRabbit pays directly into your bank account. Cash in hand from the customer is not allowed. The client pays TaskRabbit, so you have no chasing up to do.

How much can you earn on TaskRabbit UK?

As with any form of self-employment, building up a good reputation results in more regular work and higher earnings. Clients leave reviews, and if you consistently attract top ratings, you can become an Elite Tasker and charge more for your services.

Depending on the skills you can offer, work can be patchy. Consider offering basic but in-demand tasks, like cleaning, to establish a presence on the platform.

It is possible to earn a full-time income on TaskRabbit, but this would involve working many hours over a wide area. For many, it is just a handy side hustle or a stop-gap between employment. 

The kind of work available on TaskRabbit strongly favours those who have practical abilities. It may be worth building up your skillset, perhaps through training, to create a wider portfolio of talents to offer. 

What should my rate be as a Tasker?

The best way to gauge how much to charge is to explore the TaskRabbit site as a client. There you will find the average rates for each kind of task you search. It’s best to start at the lower end, then increase your rates once you have regular work and good reviews.

Here are some examples of average rates:

  • TV wall mounting  £40 – £59
  • Garden work  £23 – £42
  • Wait for delivery  £29 – £71

Are Taskers sole traders?

If you offer services on TaskRabbit, you are operating as a sole trader. This means that you are self-employed and will be eligible to complete a tax return, and pay tax and National Insurance on earnings over £1,000. It’s wise to put a percentage of your earnings into a savings account in case you earn enough to pay tax.

One advantage of using a platform like TaskRabbit is that you can easily keep track of earnings and work completed. 

Side hustle Taskers may build up income at a more leisurely pace. Picking up extra work on TaskRabbit can help with things like paying off your credit card, or building up your savings.

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