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10 paid surveys to make money online

10 paid surveys to make money online
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Do you want to top up your monthly income, or put a little aside for a special occasion? Paid online surveys reward you in cash or vouchers, just for sharing your views.

How much can I earn from paid surveys?

It’s not possible to make a fortune from filling in surveys online. But it’s much more profitable than spending your spare time scrolling through social media.

The more time you have to spend, the more money you can make. The best survey sites pay almost the equivalent of minimum wage for your time, when you are up to speed. Market research sites earn you points towards vouchers or cash.

While you can’t earn a living from paid surveys, they can be fun to do. Researchers are keen to know what we think about everything from snack packaging to politics. Set aside a few minutes with a cup of tea, and a few clicks later, you’ll have more in your piggy bank.

Top tips

Follow these tips to maximise your earnings from paid surveys:

  • Sign up to more than one site.
  • Create a separate email address – you will get plenty of emails!
  • Take time to fill out your profile in full. That way there is less chance of being screened out of surveys that are not considered suitable for you.
  • Log into the site regularly. You won’t be notified about all surveys via email.
  • Motivate yourself with a savings goal, be it extra spending money for a holiday or a new outfit. 
  • Note the minimum pay out from your survey account. You must earn a certain amount before you can access your funds.
  • Make sure you have a PayPal account.

Online surveys that pay pounds not points

1. Panelbase 

Panelbase is a well-established site is a reliable source of survey income. A typical Panelbase survey pays £0.65 for 10 minutes. The minimum to earn before a payout is £10. 

Panelbase offers a wide variety of surveys from health to holidays.

2. Crowdology

Crowdology is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Pay is relatively good – an average of £0.40 for six minutes, with a minimum payout at £4.

Be sure to pick up surveys as soon as you can, they reach full quota very quickly. 

3. Onepoll

Hurry because OnePoll currently pays £2.50 just for signing up! You can choose payment via BACS or PayPal. 

OnePoll’s site is pleasingly clear about your potential earnings and progress.

4. PanelOpinion

The typical rate on PanelOpinion is £0.60 for 10 minutes. The cash out minimum is £10.00. Panel Opinion will pay by cheque as well as BACS or PayPal.

This site graciously pays a small amount when a respondent doesn’t qualify for a survey and is screened out.

5. InboxPounds

With InboxPounds you can refer a friend and get 10% of all their earnings! As well as surveys, you can earn cashback on offers, and do paid web searches.

The paid surveys interface can be annoying, but rates are good.

Paid surveys that make a difference

6. YouGov

As an influential organization, YouGov gives participants the opportunity to make their views count by sharing opinions on political and topical issues.

You can choose the frequency of survey notifications and opportunities to suit.

YouGov pays in points – 5,000 will get you a £50 cash out, but it will take a while to get there.

7. Prolific

Rather than market research and opinion, Prolific participants are paid to help with scientific research. There is a rigorous signing up process, requiring proof of identity and an induction.

Prolific offers regular pay via PayPal once your account is over £5, but surveys are only available intermittently.

Surveys for rewards

8. i-Say

i-Say is a popular and busy site for paid surveys. The points earned are roughly equal to £0.01 and can be exchanged for a range of vouchers including those from Tesco and Amazon.

There is the option to donate your earnings to charity.

9. Tonula

It’s very easy to sign up to Toluna. Average earnings are 3,000 points for every 10 minutes spent on surveys.

You can exchange 190,000 points for £35 via PayPal. Once you have 27,000 points, you can get £5 to spend in Starbucks or a range of other outlets. Alternatively, members can contribute points to tree planting.

Toluna has a community vibe, with a chatty forum.

Paid surveys on the go

10. Curious Cat

Curious Cat is an app that can make you a little money while you are in a queue, or waiting for a bus.

You can cash out via Paypal with any amount over £1.00.

With Curious Cat, you can take part in shorter surveys and earn points – 1 point equals £0.01.

Is it worth it?

The best survey sites will nudge their members towards more lucrative opportunities. Filling in online surveys can lead to taking part in web-based interviews, focus groups and product testing. In addition, income from paid surveys can supplement other ways of making money from home.

If you enjoy expressing your opinion, the rewards are a bonus. The pennies soon become pounds worth spending or saving.

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