Brokerage Calculator

The Brokerage Calculator compares the total cost you’ll pay across brokers based on your investing details. Find your cheapest option today!

The cost isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing a broker, since platform functionality and other broker services vary significantly, and should be given careful consideration before taking the plunge. However, minimising costs and fees is still a serious consideration if you want to build your wealth over the long term.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply compare dealing fees across brokers. Other (non-dealing) fees or charges may apply, which you should look into first before opening an account. You have to compare the total cost charged by the broker to know whether one broker is really cheaper than another.

The Brokerage Calculator below allows you to see the total cost across brokers, based on your investing details. While you don’t have to enter all of the information, the more information you include, the more accurate the results will be.