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Brits owe £70bn in credit card debt. Here’s how to take back control of your finances!

Debt is a four-letter word, one that blights too many people’s lives.

Once you have run up debts, it is difficult to bring them back under control – but here’s one option you may not have considered.

The icount current account with prepaid Mastercard® is one of the most attractive cards for bad credit on the market.

While many standard credit cards trap you in an endless spiral of borrowing, icount could help you break free.

Escape the trap

Britons are struggling with more debt than ever, as personal borrowing on credit cards, loans and car finance rises at almost five times pay growth, according to Bank of England figures.

Losing your job, falling ill or a delayed payment for universal credit can make a bad situation even worse.

We owe a mind-boggling £70 billion on credit cards alone, with many trapped in debt even after paying off one of their cards.

Too many are simply shifting debts to a string of 0% credit cards. Does that sound familiar?

Back on track

The icount prepaid Mastercard® is aimed squarely people in this situation, by helping them take control of their finances again.

You can take it out even if you have been turned down for current accounts or credit cards from mainstream banks.

This is also one of the most straightforward ‘no credit check’ cards to apply for, with instant 100% guaranteed approval, which means no anxious wait to see if you will qualify.

If you are looking for one of the best cards to help build credit, this might just be it…

Load off your mind

The icount prepaid Mastercard® does not let you run up more debt, because you can only spend funds you have previously transferred.

You can load it, say, from your salary or benefits payments, bank transfer or Post Office top-up.

Then you can use it in the same way as any other Mastercard®, on the high street, while shopping online or even overseas.

The beauty of this is that it allows you to show the banks that you know how to handle your finances safely.

Meet every monthly card payment on time, and icount will automatically report your success to the credit reference agencies.

You also need to maintain all your other financial commitments, whether a mortgage, rent or mobile phone contract.

Once you have rebuilt your credit record, you can start applying for market-leading current accounts, 0% credit cards, or even a personal loan.

Low charges

With the icount current account with prepaid Mastercard®, you decide what charges you want to pay.

Regular daily users could pay a low monthly fee of £9.95 plus 50p for ATM cash withdrawals, while occasional users might prefer the pay-as-you-go option with no standing charge.

This is a small price for working towards finally ridding yourself of the debt curse.

Apply Now

5 Things You MUST Check Before You Apply For A Credit Card

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