IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: MyWalletHero is becoming The Motley Fool UK - click here to read more about our name change.

MyWalletHero is becoming The Motley Fool UK

The Motley Fool Personal Finance

In 2018, when we first started sharing personal finance tips and reviews with our readers, we were simply part of our parent company, The Motley Fool UK. As we grew, we made the decision to create a new brand (MyWalletHero) to help differentiate our personal finance and affiliate content from the rest of The Motley Fool UK.

Fast forward three years, and MyWalletHero has reached millions of readers, while helping many thousands of those readers choose a credit card, share-dealing account or other financial product. 

But then we did a facepalm.

If you are using MyWalletHero with the aim to improve your finances, build your wealth and otherwise better your financial situation, you may end up in a perfect position to benefit from the investing expertise at The Motley Fool UK. At the same time, ‘Foolish’ investors on also need trustworthy information on credit cards, share-dealing accounts, and savings vehicles.

In other words, we always should have been one brand, helping readers navigate the financial world, all the way from getting out of debt to choosing high-profit-potential shares!

Today, we’re righting that wrong, and MyWalletHero is taking the Motley Fool UK name. If you’re a current reader of MyWalletHero, you can expect the same great experience — trustworthy product reviews, ratings and product comparisons, plus tips, news, and all the rest. Just with a ‘new’ name. 

And when it comes to the affiliate partners and products that we work with, you can expect nothing less than the high level of transparency that you’ve come to expect. If we have an affiliate partnership for a product, we will let you know. These partnerships don’t affect our ratings or reviews, but it’s important that you know where these partnerships exist. 

We hope you continue to become smarter, happier and richer with the help of our ratings, reviews and content, and that you appreciate the now-wider Foolish world that we are joining!

4th October 2021

Andy Paul Signature

Andy Paul,
General Manager – Personal Finance
The Motley Fool UK

N.B. The Motley Fool’s name comes from William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. The court jester, known as the Fool, could speak the truth to the king and queen without having his head lopped off. The Fools of yore entertained the court with humour that instructed as it amused. More importantly, the Fool was never afraid to question conventional wisdom. In the same way, we aim to speak the truth about money and investing… and to make financial advice accessible to people of all backgrounds and experience levels.