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Take your next financial step

The Motley Fool is here to help you take control of your money, no matter if you’re carrying debt or looking for financial independence and to retire early. If you’re reading this, you most likely want to assume responsibility for your personal finances – so well done on taking that initial step, and welcome!

Wherever you are on your path, your journey towards financial freedom starts here.

Why you can trust us

The Motley Fool UK was launched over 20 years ago to help provide resources for investors of every kind.

Before a Fool turns to stock-picking, though, we believe they ought to have their finances in order first…

That’s why The Motley Fool was formed!

We want to help people take control of their personal finances, and aim to help them learn how they can be free of day-to-day money worries.

Our eight guiding principles
We believe these can go a long way to helping you to manage your money effectively:

  1. Pay down high-cost debt as soon as possible
  2. Spend less on outgoings than you earn from income
  3. Expect the unexpected by ensuring you’re covered by insurance
  4. Anticipate the worst by setting aside an emergency fund (worth at least £1k)
  5. Choose financial products that best serve you (not the provider)
  1. Decent money management requires a determined mindset
  2. Build up your savings regularly, with whatever you can afford to put away
  3. Put your money to work in the stock market, through index investing or buying shares in high-quality businesses – but only with money you won’t need in the next few years

Put yourself on the path towards financial freedom right away
Simply choose a goal that best describes your current interests to get started!