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Personal finance blogs you don’t want to miss

Whether you’re testing the waters of online trading or simply need a way to save on your household expenses, a number of personal finance blogs can help. 

This roundup of our favourites includes something for young and old, serious investor or newbie saver, and everyone in between. The minds behind these blogs include a retired finance boff and a stay-at-home mum looking to earn some income on the side.

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Mrs Mummypenny: Holistic financial wellbeing

Lynn James, finance expert and the face of this high-traffic blog, provides practical tips for those looking to gain control of their personal finances. The blog delves into some of the top financial products and also explores ways to increase income and to stash away those extra pounds.

Lynn also offers lifestyle, health and wellbeing topics, as she believes overall wellness will produce good financial results. This is the ideal blog if you are looking for a holistic approach to finance.

The Money Shed: A smorgasbord of finance tips

Jonathan Gutteridge has discovered the secret formula for making money online. With The Money Shed blog, he focuses on three main areas of online success: making money, saving money, and matched betting. (Matched betting might seem like a strange addition to the list; however, it takes advantage of the free bets offered by bookmakers. This way, betting is risk-free and guaranteed to generate a profit if done properly.) 

This blog is a refreshing look at internet solutions to money problems. It may appeal if you want to create a lucrative side-hustle and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there.

MoneyStepper: Beyond earning and saving

MoneyStepper has a step-by-step approach in every area of finance. Whether it’s about making some extra cash or cashing in on investments, this blog is a valuable resource. The blog covers topics that would assist those new to taking charge of their finances. It also offers interesting insights into topics for seasoned investors. 

One of the standout reasons why this blog makes it onto the list is that it doesn’t shy away from delving into investments and stock markets.

The Savvy Scot: Fitness, finance and travel

For readers of The Savvy Scot, there is an underlying theme of building your dream life. The three major themes of finance, fitness and travel are intertwined to offer you a glimpse of your best life. 

The blog offers practical tips on how to maintain a curated lifestyle that underscores wellness and encourages joie de vivre through financial discipline. Resources on this site will help you create your own bucket list.

This blog is for you if you want to shape your finances and have fun while doing it.

Penny Golightly: From poverty line to perfectly content

Penny Golightly had humble beginnings and often found herself at the short end of the hunger stick as a youngster. For Penny, adulthood provided her with the freedom to take good financial decisions and make her money work for her.

This is the ideal blog if you are looking to reduce your household expenses and unnecessary spending. The blog offers ideas for making super savings and living frugally while having a good time. The Tenner Week Challenge dares you to live on just £10 for the week, which should cover food and entertainment. 

Skint Dad: Tired of living skint

Living pay cheque to pay cheque – or, for husband and wife team Ricky and Naomi Willis, having little or no money at all – for an extended period of time can be taxing and create tension around finance. The pair decided that this was no way to live and slowly started rearranging their finances and expenses to work for them.

The Skint Dad blog tackles all of the money traps that eat away at your finances. The blog offers actionable tips and loads of information to break down hard-to-understand financial terms. Overall, the site provides valuable education and resources for those who want to create abundance in their personal finance. 

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