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From the desk of Mark Rogers, Chief Investment Advisor of Motley Fool UK:
“Here’s a way to try and take better control of your finances… and start working towards a potentially market-beating1 return…”

Enclosed: Your invitation to join Motley Fool Share Advisor – our flagship share-tipping service

…Plus, enjoy the protection of a 30‑day subscription refund guarantee.

Please complete this short, secure order form to accept and see everything inside Motley Fool Share Advisor.

Or, if you’re still unsure, read on. Let me explain everything you get when you join our 8,000+ UK members.

Dear Investor,

I’m not one to make assumptions…

But the fact you’re on this page suggests you’re different to most people.

You know your savings could work harder…

…That time wasted is often money lost.

You’re ready to try and take better control of your finances. And you know the sooner you do this effectively, the better off you could be.

However, if you’re like many investors I meet, you’re also prudent. You know that investing in shares carries risk.

And even with a deal like the one I’m making you today, you may still be on the fence.

So let me explain everything you get as a Share Advisor member – what I can and cannot promise you. Read on and discover…

  • Why our share picks have outperformed the S&P UK Broad Market Index by 12.0%, with an average 35.7% return!1
  • What some of our members can tell you about this service.
  • And why I believe investing “Foolishly” could be your #1 way to help you — as you aim to secure financial freedom, for yourself and your family, in these volatile times.

You see, in my opinion, the best way for you to try and get a decent return on your savings might be in the stock market.

And that’s exactly what Share Advisor helps you do.

That’s why I’m so excited to offer you this invitation today.

I’ve put together a terrific team of experts who do all the hard work for you. Every month, they present you with their two most promising picks; one growth stock and one income stock.

You are handed a detailed report of their findings – with commentary on all the opportunities and risks. And they reveal why they believe these picks have the potential to grow your wealth over the long term.

Long-term investing, in a nutshell, is the Motley Fool philosophy.

  • We don’t take cavalier bets on unproven ‘Penny Stocks.’
  • We don’t get stressed over short-term price swings.
  • And we definitely don’t bombard you with unproven claims and hype.

This is your nest egg we’re talking about.

It is hard-earned and shouldn’t be toyed with.

So every recommendation you get inside Share Advisor is given to you with the understanding that you’ll buy and HOLD. Our aim is to get you buying what we believe are top-quality companies that have the potential to dramatically improve your financial standing over time.

Many of our picks are still being held after 3+ years. Including…

  • Britvic up +326.7%2
  • Homeserve up +594.4%3
  • Micro Focus up +227.0%4

Naturally, I’m showing you some of our top performers, and these figures include dividends reinvested and ignore dealing charges. These are not intended to be representative, and not all picks have been so successful. Some have fallen in value. However, I believe your Share Advisor membership could soon have you making much more informed decisions.

As Neil A. said, after closely following our ‘Buy Alerts’:

“The chaps at Motley Fool know a lot more about this game than I do, so I have followed all the recommendations, buying in equal weightings and selling when recommended. ”

— Neil A. from Edinburgh

Imagine seeing a small handful of these companies quietly fill your retirement account or ISA.

How much faster could you start doing whatever you want… whenever you want…now that you’re beginning to try and take more control over your money?

Well that’s not all…

You are also updated on any important news as it happens. This lands straight in your inbox – with quick-fire suggestions on what to do next. All the information you need is distilled into a few short paragraphs.

Should the moment strike, we’ll even tell you if we’re selling. This has helped our investors secure up to triple-digit returns in our best recommendations. Of course, these are not representative, and not all picks have been so successful. Some have fallen in value. But as I mentioned earlier, overall, we’re firmly beating the market! 1

And we believe these timely updates could be critical to your success.

Because they don’t just save you time…

…When the markets get whipped into another panic or frenzy, we think they can make you a calmer investor.

Yes, I’m ready to join Share Advisor now – with a 30‑day subscription refund guarantee.

Nothing is hidden from you either.

You’re shown our full track record… every buy, hold and sell recommendation since Share Advisor began in 2012… The winners and losers…

…Plus those stocks which we still think you should BUY.

I’m sure you see why so many Share Advisor members have sent us such overwhelming praise:

“Share advisor gives you buy and hold recommendations with detailed analysis of each company. Very easy service for all fools to understand.”

— M. Birkett, Somerset

“I save time, save money, and profit.”

— Keith Malcolm Lewin, North West England

“Motley Fool have helped me invest wisely… they will get me [to retirement] a lot quicker than would otherwise have been the case.”

— William Barnsby, West Midlands

Now, whatever your position, I believe Share Advisor can help you do the same.

Yes, I’m ready to join Share Advisor now – with a 30‑day subscription refund guarantee.

And I want to help get you started as quickly as possible…

So the moment you join, you gain access to a short-list of ‘5 Starter Stocks’ to buy and hold today

All of these are simple, easy-to-understand businesses – typically with:

  • A long, impressive track record
  • A dominant market position
  • A strong management team and company culture
  • Strong numbers to hopefully sustain any volatility in the wider market

We think these stocks are ideal for getting your new portfolio launched.

To perhaps give yourself a more solid foundation from the start.

And even if you currently own shares, we think you should strongly consider adding these to your portfolio. Because I think my research shows that they are strong, high-quality companies.

You could potentially leave these humming along in your ISA while the markets move up and down.

Hopefully by now, you’re starting to see why so many investors are chuffed to bits with Share Advisor. And why they say things like this:

“My Motley Fool experience to date has been amazing. I can’t praise the service highly enough. I held off joining back in 2012 when the service was launched and didn’t join until 2014 until it was more established. That’s a decision I seriously regret.”

— Phil James, Leicestershire

You are invited to join Motley Fool Share Advisor now for just £149!

This entitles you to a full year’s membership, and it works out to roughly £2.86 per week.

Think about that for a moment.

For less than what a cup of coffee can sometimes cost, you'll have a wealth of information to try and help you finally take control of your finances. Or let me put it another way.

Just the dividends alone from some of our income picks could potentially recoup your membership.

Not to get ahead of ourselves…

This is the stock market, and there are no absolute guarantees.

That’s why I’m careful to explain every risk and opportunity to you in detail. This makes it easier for you to pick the right stocks based on your circumstances.

Yes, I’m ready to join Share Advisor now – with a 30‑day subscription refund guarantee.

What’s more, you are welcome to post any questions or comments…

I promise to get back to you as quick as possible.

For instance, here’s a detailed answer I gave to a subscriber about one of our growth picks.

A redacted screen-grab, showing a Share Advisor member exchange with Chief Investment Adviser, Mark Rogers.

Out of respect for the member’s privacy, I had to redact some of this message. But hopefully it illustrates an important point.

You see, whilst we cannot always reply in such depth, you’re not left alone with our reports. You have access to the same analysts who give you this market-beating research.

And please, let me make something else abundantly clear to you…

Your Share Advisor membership is covered by a 30-Day subscription refund guarantee

Yes. I want to remove as many risks as I possibly can from your decision.

Simply complete this easy-fill payment form to start your subscription.

Peek behind the curtain and explore everything I’ve promised you in this invitation.

You can even follow the same research now being used by over 8,000 Share Advisor members to potentially grow your wealth. Meanwhile, you’re under no obligation whatsoever.

If, within 30 days, you decide Share Advisor is not for you, just send a quick email to our support team at [email protected]

You will be issued a full and prompt refund of your subscription fee, no questions asked.

You can cancel your subscription for any reason, or no reason at all.

And to make your decision even easier, here’s something extra for you…

8 FREE investing reports to download and keep…

…whether you stay with Share Advisor or not!

Collection of report cover artwork, matching the list below.

Think of these as a ‘thank you’ gift for trying our market-beating1 service today.

Your free reports include:

  • The Motley Fool’s Brexit Playbook: See all the possible ways to try and help protect yourself – and perhaps even profit – during Brexit’s uncertainties. You’re shown how the possible scenarios could impact each industry, and which companies to consider buying. Brexit will surely go down as one of the great political shifts of this century… which is why I believe you could have some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities ahead.
  • Your ‘High Yield Report: Volume 3’ (worth £99): Loaded with 15 no-nonsense share recommendations, with an average 7.3% yield. In today’s world of low – even negative - interest, that is an absolutely stonking return. This report is worth £99 alone. But if you join Share Advisor today, you can download and keep it for FREE.
  • The A.I. Dossier: Artificial Intelligence, once the stuff of science fiction, is now an absolute reality. And it could easily become the largest technological jump in human history – adding an estimated $15.7 Trillion to the global economy. This 14-page dossier reveals 3 specific ways you can position yourself to profit from this coming boom… plus the stocks we think you should buy today.
  • Double Report Bonus: ‘6 Danger Signs You Can Check in 15 Minutes, PLUS… ‘When to Sell Your Shares’: If you already own shares in any company, you will want to run these quick-fire checks. Most investors I meet have missed at least one of these warning signs… yet they can show you which companies are deteriorating before the markets get wise.
  • The Fool’s Guide to Investing With Funds: Funds can offer you a relatively cheap, easy way to get broad exposure to the stock market… or they can burden you with poor performance and crippling annual fees. This guide helps you make a more informed decision before you click ‘buy.’
  • The ‘Double Agent’ in the UK Stock Market: for 10 years the markets have been roaring upwards. How long can it last? If you fear a downturn, this report could reveal an effective way to try and hedge your portfolio.
  • The 'Star-Spangled' Selection: 3 Of Our Favourite US Stocks For Share Advisor: Our latest investing report containing the full ‘buy’ case for three of our favourite US-listed shares.

Yes, I’m ready to join Share Advisor now – with a 30‑day subscription refund guarantee.

Every day, the UK’s strongest companies are open for business. Why stay on the outside another moment?

You could use our buy alerts to help claim your share of these profits being made, and also get access to all of the following.

  • Your monthly income and growth stock suggestions – with commentary on all the opportunities and risks. These make it easier to buy shares based on your own situation and risk-tolerance. And if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask our analysts.
  • Your stock email updates – keep you informed on any important changes to your portfolio. We hope you can use these to make quicker, calmer decisions without falling victim to the usual media noise.
  • Your 5 Starter Stocks which we believe you really should consider holding in your portfolio…even if you currently own shares. Plus, I’ve put together a list of ‘Best Buy’ stocks for you – which our analysts believe are the best opportunities in the Share Advisor portfolio right now.
  • Your 8 FREE Investing reports to download and keep – whether you stay with Share Advisor or not. These can help you prepare for more of the uncertainties ahead
  • Your 30‑day Subscription Refund Guarantee. If you are not thrilled with everything you see inside Share Advisor, simply write a quick message to our support team for a FULL refund of your membership fee. No questions asked.

Do you have any savings which could be working harder right now?

If so, please accept this invitation.

You can leave your money in a savings account, accepting any paltry interest-rate your bank throws at you.

You can hold onto your savings while the Bank of England decides whether or not to destroy its value through inflation.

Or you can take control of your finances for yourself.

Of course, stocks are riskier than cash. However, with Share Advisor at your side, I believe they can offer one of the best ways to get a potentially handsome return on your savings.

You can stop relying on banks, ‘experts’ and institutions.

You can join the 8,000+ Fools with access to the service that has beaten the S&P Broad Market Index by an average 12.0%1.

I hope you decide to take control.

To accept this invitation, please complete the secure order form below. You will be sent a prompt email with everything you need to access Motley Fool Share Advisor and get started.

I wish you all the very best.

Foolishly yours,

Mark Rogers' Signature

Mark Rogers,
Chief Investment Advisor,
Motley Fool UK

Disclosure: Mark Rogers does not own any of the shares mentioned. The Motley Fool UK owns Britvic shares and has recommended Homeserve and Micro Focus shares.

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Applicable to all subscription terms shown above: You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting [email protected]. If you cancel within your first 30 days you will receive a full subscription refund. After this time, your initial subscription is non-refundable.

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Risk Warning

  • The value of all shares and the income from them can fall as well as rise.
  • You should not speculate using money you cannot afford to lose or rely on dividend income for non-discretionary living expenses.
  • You run an extra risk of losing money when you buy shares in certain smaller companies including "penny shares".
  • There can be a big difference between the buying price and the selling price of these shares. If you have to sell them immediately, you may get back much less than you paid for them. The price may change quickly, it may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. It may be difficult to sell or realise the investment.
  • The newsletter may recommend securities listed on overseas stock exchanges. Investors may incur extra dealing charges, administrative costs or withholding taxes when dealing in these securities and should check with their stockbroker before dealing. You should also be aware that dividends may be paid in US dollars or in other currencies, and that these could also attract additional charges. If this is the first time you have dealt in US-listed stocks, your broker will probably ask you to complete a W-8BEN form as a formality. This establishes your foreign ownership and prevents double taxation. Bear in mind the time difference as well when dealing on North American markets - you will generally be served best by issuing dealing orders when the relevant market is open.
  • There are additional risks in investing on overseas stock exchanges. Companies listed on stock exchanges other than the London Stock Exchange may be subject to different accounting and reporting standards, and your regulatory protection may not be the same. You should seek professional advice if you need a more detailed assessment of these risks.
  • Changes in exchange rates may have a significant and materially adverse effect on the value of the value or price of these investments in sterling terms. You could lose money in sterling even if the stock price rises in dollar terms, although this could also work in your favour.
  • Performance statistics are calculated on a like-for-like basis with regard to currencies, so US dollar investments will be considered purely in US dollar terms without any adjustment for changes in exchange rates. These may not accurately reflect real returns for a sterling-based UK investor.
  • We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all statements of fact and opinion contained in this publication are fair and accurate in all material aspects.
  • Investors should seek appropriate professional advice from their stockbroker or other adviser if any points are unclear.
  • This newsletter gives general advice only, and the investments mentioned may not necessarily be suitable for any individual.

Small Print

  1. Motley Fool Share Advisor has delivered an overall return of 35.7%. The S&P UK Broad Market index has delivered an overall return of 23.7%. Returns are calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TWRR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs. The returns on investments made in overseas currencies are calculated without adjusting for changes in exchange rates, so these may not accurately reflect actual returns for a sterling-based UK investor. The S&P UK Broad Market returns include dividends reinvested. Returns are measured from the date of each recommendation to the close of trading on 29/11/2019. 2 recommendations per month have been made since 27/02/12.
  2. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of Britvic plc (LSE:BVIC) on 23/07/2012. As of the close of trading on 29/11/2019 the shares had gained 326.7%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.
  3. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of HomeServe plc (LSE:HSV) on 28/08/2012. As of the close of trading on 29/11/2019 the shares had gained 594.4%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.
  4. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of Micro Focus plc (LSE:MCRO) on 23/04/2012. As of the close of trading on 29/11/2019 the shares had gained 227.0%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.

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