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Hidden Winners

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Are you ready to invest in the stock market’s ‘hidden sector’?

When it comes to locking in the BIGGEST investment gains, sometimes the trick is to think small

According to a recent study1, if you’d invested £100 in the broader stock market in 1955, by the end of 2015 you would have ended up with the handsome sum of £96,800.

But if you had taken that same £100 and invested it in some of the UK’s smaller market-cap companies...

You’d have captured £606,700 over the exact same time period — and earned yourself OVER 6 TIMES as much money from the exact same initial investment.

The £509,900 Difference: Cumulative return of a £100 Investment in Small Cap Shares vs. The Wider Stock Market from 1955 - 2016

Source: London Business School and the Numis Corporation. 1

In other words, the impact that ‘thinking small’ can have on your financial success can be absolutely staggering.

So if you’re the sort of investor who’d prefer to buy and hold companies with the power to turn £100 into almost £607,000, rather than just £96,800...

Perhaps it’s time you asked yourself:

“How can I get in on the chance to find these fortune-building stocks?”

If you’ve got all the time in the world — and a degree or two in advanced financial analysis — you just may be ready to hunt down the market’s most ‘under-the-radar’ investments on your own.

But if you’re looking to get in on the stock market’s MOST exciting small-cap opportunities while doing only minutes of work per month...

Then perhaps it’s time to put Motley Fool Hidden Winners to work for you.

In May 2015, our team here at The Motley Fool UK decided to embark on our boldest undertaking yet...

And to place one our absolute best investors at the helm.

As the Lead Advisor of Hidden Winners, Mark Rogers’ job is simple:

Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers, Lead Advisor, Motley Fool Hidden Winners

  1. He and his team scour for what they believe are the absolute best small-cap opportunities... distilling hours of complex financial analysis into 1 simple, easy-to-read, and immediately actionable share tip every month.
  2. He shares those opportunities with the ‘members-only’ Hidden Winners community, so they can act immediately and lock in maximum long-term profit potential.
  3. Lather, Rinse, Repeat — 1 ‘under-the-radar’ small-cap share tip, each and every month, for a select group of UK investors just like you.

It’s a difficult job — especially in today’s tricky market. But based on what some of our members have had to say about their Hidden Winners experience...

We think Mark and his team of small-cap analysts do a rather good job of it!

What real Motley Fool Hidden Winners members have been saying:

“’s opened up a segment of the market that I have been interested in but not had the time or confidence to address.”
T.C., Buckinghamshire.

“...a good opportunity to invest in higher growth companies.”
J.C, Surrey.

“Research is good, and put across in a straight-forward, clear way. It’s a good read. I agree that there is value to be had in smaller-cap companies ... hope the rest of the UK doesn’t wake up to this fact too quickly.”
Jonathan Wood.

“Definitely worth it.”
I.W., Cornwall.

So how does the Motley Fool Hidden Winners team do it?

It’s not what you might think.

They don’t chase hot stock tips. They don’t rely on supercomputers or fancy algorithms. And they certainly don’t boast one of those surefire market timing ‘systems’ that so many pundits claim to have.

Instead, Mark and his team focus on three ‘hidden’ pockets of the stock market, seeking out well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services

“What does a ‘Hidden Winner’ stock look like?”


Hidden Quality:

These are situations where the core investment thesis rides on the team’s assessment of the superior ‘quality’ of the business in question. True long-term buy–and–hold compounding machines, these firms generally lead a specific niche, and earn attractive returns on invested capital.


Hidden Growth:

These are the rapidly-expanding innovators of the UK market, where sales and cash flows are increasing at double-digit rates, but the shares haven’t quite caught the attention they deserve in The City.


Hidden Value:

While value is a secondary consideration to finding truly winning businesses, there are many special situations to be found in the small-cap market, where lack-of-coverage and ignorance can conspire to completely misprice perfectly good shares.

These are the type of stocks that most investors simply DO NOT think about...

Because “most investors” haven’t put the Hidden Winners team to work for them!

As a Hidden Winners member, here’s what you can expect to receive — each and every month:


1 high-conviction small-cap share tip a month in your brand-new issue of Hidden Winners. These tips are plucked directly from Mark’s search for the market’s biggest winners — delivered to your inbox like clockwork, month in and month out.


100% access to the “Hidden Winners Universe”, which includes current buy recommendations, watch-list stocks, and shares our team believes you should avoid.


Up-to-date coverage for every single Hidden Winners recommendation, available via our exclusive members-only website.


A no-nonsense scoreboard for absolutely all the recommendations the service has ever made—so you can track precisely how well our experts are doing for YOU.

...and there’s more!

  • A complete annual recap of our performance at the end of each year.
  • Breaking alerts by email, with important market news that impacts YOUR portfolio.
  • Management interviews, special research reports, bonus content from our crack team of Foolish analysts, and SO MUCH more!

To activate your Motley Fool Hidden Winners membership — under the FULL protection of our 30-Day ‘No Quibbles’ Subscription Refund Guarantee — simply complete the form below:

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Risk Warning

  • ‘Hidden Winners’ is the title for this newsletter service, but this does not mean, or imply, there is any guarantee of positive performance.
  • The value of all shares and the income from them can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back the amount originally invested.
  • Investment in the securities of smaller and/or medium-sized companies can involve greater risk than for larger, more established companies. Price movements may be more volatile, and they can react strongly to news or recommendations. You should always check the price before you deal. The market for smaller company shares may be less liquid, meaning they may be harder to trade.
  • You run an extra risk of losing money when you buy shares in certain smaller companies including “penny shares”.
  • There can be a big difference between the buying price and the selling price of these shares. If you have to sell them immediately, you may get back much less than you paid for them. The price may change quickly, and it may be difficult to sell or realise the investment.
  • You should not speculate using money you cannot afford to lose.
  • We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all statements of fact and opinion contained in this publication are fair and accurate in all material aspects.
  • Investors should seek appropriate professional advice from their stockbroker or other adviser if any points are unclear.
  • This report gives general advice only, and the investments mentioned may not necessarily be suitable for any individual.
  • The report may recommend securities listed on overseas stock exchanges. Investors may incur extra charges when dealing in these securities and should check with their stockbroker before dealing.
  • Changes in exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value of the value or price of these investments in sterling terms.

Small Print

1. Data from The London Business School and The Numis Corporation, with additional calculations by The Motley Fool UK. Source The 528% outperformance figure is derived from the cumulative return of a notional £100 investment in both the NSCI index (including investment companies, covering the bottom tenth of the main UK equity market by value) and the FTSE All-Share index for the 62 year period between 1955 and 2016. The cumulative return for each index was £606,700 and £96,800, respectively.

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