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Reduce your water bills by £30 a year in 6 easy steps!

Reduce your water bills by £30 a year in 6 easy steps!
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According to Statista, the average Briton uses 149 litres of water per day and spends anywhere from £158 to £245 a year on water bills. If you’re looking to reduce your bills, watching how much water you use can make a big difference.

Data compiled by Harvey Water Softeners shows that you could save £28.47 a year by making a few changes in six key areas.

1. Limit your baths to two per week

Sure, a bath filled with good-smelling salts can be a relaxing way to end a stressful day. But since the average tub holds around 80 litres of water, you’re using a lot of water for just a few minutes of relaxation.

Savings: Reducing your baths from three to two per week will save you £5.58 per year.

2. Skip one shower a week

People generally spend seven-and-a-half minutes in the shower, according to the Energy Saving Trust, which is a problem because an eight-minute shower will use about 62 litres of water. And while showers use less water than baths, they remain the biggest users of water in the average UK home because they’re used almost daily.

You can reduce your utility bills even more by switching to a water saving shower head.

Savings: Have a shower six days a week instead of seven and you’ll save £2.59 a year.

3. Flush the toilet once less each day

About 22% of the water used in the average UK household is flushed down the toilet. The best way to reduce bills in the bathroom? Flush a little less! Try flushing four times a day instead of the average five.

If you still have an old style flush toilet, you’re using 13 litres of water every time you flush. Newer dual-flush toilets use as little as four litres of water if you press the light flush button. If you’re getting ready to make some bathroom updates, switch to a water efficient toilet.

Savings: Flushing the toilet 28 times per week instead of 35 will save you £4.57 in a year.

4. Do laundry three times a week instead of four

A 5kg washing machine uses an average of 50 litres of water for a normal washing cycle. Older machines use more water, and certain cycles (synthetic wash, delicate and extra rising) also use a lot more water.

Savings: Using your washing machine one less time every week can save you £7.57 per year.

5. Use the dishwasher every other day

The average modern dishwasher uses 12 litres of water per cycle, no matter how full it is. If you’re running yours every day, that’s a lot of water wasted. You can reduce your bills by only running your dishwasher every other day instead.

Savings: Cut your dishwasher use in half and save £7.39 per year.

6. Boil one kettle of water instead of two every day

Brits drink a lot of tea – and an astonishing 75% boil more water than they need. If you’re boiling the average of 14 kettles per week and then throwing what you’re not using down the kitchen drain, you’re wasting a lot of water and energy.

While boiling fewer kettles won’t save a huge amount on your water bill, it can help reduce your electricity bill as well.

Savings: Cutting down from boiling 14 kettles a week to seven will save £0.76 of water per year.

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