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PlayStation 5: will it be worth upgrading to the new console?

PlayStation 5: will it be worth upgrading to the new console?
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Gamers who have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to get their hands on Sony’s next generation PlayStation 5 console will finally be able to do so when it goes on sale in the UK on 19 November. 

While there are many whose minds will already be made up, others might still be undecided and wondering whether it’ll be worth upgrading to the new console.

If you are thinking of stepping into the PlayStation world for the first time, you might also be debating whether the PS5 is worth the extra money or if a cheaper but older console will be sufficient for your gaming needs.

Here’s the lowdown on the new PS5 to help you decide whether it is worth upgrading.

What’s new with the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 is a major step up from the PS4 Pro, which itself was an upgrade of the PS4. Sony’s new console promises users a much superior gaming experience. Standout features of the new PS5 include:

  • 8 core,16 thread CPU
  • Custom AMD GPU (capable of ray tracing)
  • Ultra-high-speed solid state drive (SSD)
  • Integrated custom I/O system
  • Tempest 3D audio tech

The ultra-high-speed SSD promises near instant load times for installed games while the integrated custom I/O system will open new doors for developers, allowing them to build more creative and expansive worlds as well as play experiences in the games they design.

The new ray tracing technology on the PS5 brings a new level of realism to games by individually simulating rays of light, creating ultra-realistic reflections and shadows.

Other notable features of the new PS5 include:

  • Backward compatibility (you’ll be able to play PS4 games on your PS5 console)
  • Ability to upgrade PS4 games to digital PS5 games
  • PlayStation virtual reality (VR) integration
  • 4K Blue-ray player
  • 8K output support
  • Game boost (faster and smoother frame rates in certain PS4 and PS VR games)

What will the new PlayStation 5 cost?

The new PlayStation 5 will be priced at £449.99 in the UK. This price matches exactly that of its competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The new Xbox comes out a little earlier on 10 November.

If £449.99 puts too much strain on your wallet, there is an option for a digital-only version of the PS5, which will be available at the lower price of £349.99.

So, is it worth upgrading to the new PlayStation 5?

This is the million dollar question. There are, of course, several factors to consider.

One great thing about games consoles (as opposed to smartphones, for example) is that there aren’t new versions coming out every year, tempting us to upgrade regularly. The most recent PlayStation console, the PS4 Pro, came out in 2016. The version before that, the PS4, was launched in 2013.

You can therefore view a games console like an investment. It will undoubtedly serve you for the next few years before you have to upgrade again.

So, if you are a gaming enthusiast looking for a superior and smoother gaming experience, and more importantly, if you have the funds, then it might be totally worth forking out to upgrade to the new PlayStation 5.

That said, getting the latest machine at the time of release comes with a high price tag. History shows us, however, that the price usually drops a year or two after the initial release.

So, if your PS4 or PS4 Pro is currently meeting most of your gaming needs and you want to save money or are on a tight budget, it could well be worth waiting until the PS5 drops in price before buying.

After all, new console launches can sometimes disappoint. Why not let others test the PS5 waters first and iron out the wrinkles? Then, once the reviews from those early buyers are in, you can make an informed choice about whether the PS5 is worth it.

If you’re buying your first ever console, it might make more sense to go for an older version first. For example, you can get a PS4 for as little as £249 on Amazon. That means that for £200 less, you’ll still get a great console with a vast library of games that will introduce you to the PlayStation world.

If you decide to forego the new PlayStation 5, there are several ways to make use of the extra cash. You can spend it on a few more games for your current console.

Even better than spending the money is saving it. Why not put it into a savings account that will earn you interest over time?

Final word

Ultimately, the final decision when it comes to PlayStation 5 will be yours. You’ll have to establish what is more important; saving money or splashing the cash to upgrade to a superior gaming experience.

What next?

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