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Money-saving tips: homemade cleaning solutions from the ‘Queen of Clean’

Money-saving tips: homemade cleaning solutions from the ‘Queen of Clean’
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With the coronavirus pandemic squeezing the purse strings, many of us are keeping an eye out for money-saving tips. And when it comes to cleaning, you don’t need to look further than your home. Currys PC World talked to the ‘Queen of Clean’ Lynsey Crombie, and she revealed the best cleaning hacks that could save you money.

So if you are interested in saving a few pennies, check out these homemade cleaning solutions and top tips.

Can I make homemade cleaning products?

Yes, you absolutely can. We are made to think that the more expensive the cleaning product, the more effective it will be. But sometimes, cheaper is better.

A top money-saving tip is to make your own cleaning products, such as fabric refresher or multi-purpose cleaner. With a few household ingredients, you could create something that is as effective as the big brands.

Fabric refresher

All you need to freshen up your upholstery is to take two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, 20 drops of your favourite essential oil, 250ml of water and shake them all together.

Multi-purpose cleaner

To make 500ml of a multi-purpose cleaner, combine 200ml of white vinegar with 20 drops of essential oils, top up with 300ml of water and shake. 

Both of these homemade products can be stored in a regular spray bottle and will last for up to three months. 

What other cleaning hacks can save me money?

There are some things that we think we will never get clean unless we splash the cash to buy the most expensive cleaning product.

But here is a secret money-saving tip. If you look in your cupboards, you may well already have what you need to get rid of that stain.

Here are Lynsey Crombie’s top cleaning hacks:

  • Shaving foam works well to remove make-up stains from carpets.
  • Ice cubes can remove dents in the carpet from where furniture has been.
  • You can clean your sponge by soaking it in a solution of water and lemon juice and then placing it in the microwave for five minutes.
  • Rather than buying a specific descaler, use Coca-Cola in your toilet or kettle. Just don’t think about what that means it does to your teeth!
  • White vinegar can tackle the toughest hard water stains on taps.
  • Ketchup can remove rust. Just dab it on with a wet cloth and leave it to sit a while.

How much money could I save?

You probably want to know how much money these tips will actually save you.

Well, according to a study done by Currys PC World, Britons spend around £12.61 a month on cleaning products. On average, we spend over £150 a year.

If we then add the coronavirus into the mix, we find that 18% of us are spending more on cleaning products than before. And it is millennials that are most likely to buy branded cleaning products.

If you were to adopt a homemade approach to fabric freshener, then you’d be looking at around £1.25 for a 180g pack of bicarbonate of soda (from Sainsbury’s). You only need two tablespoons for each bottle you make, meaning a pack will last you a long while. Whereas a branded fabric refresher like Febreze comes in at £2.50 per bottle.


While money-saving tips like this don’t seem huge, a little can add up quite quickly. Why not divert what you save into an easy access savings account? That way you can start building up an emergency fund.

Or alternatively, pop it on a prepaid card. This keeps it out of sight. And then when you have built up your funds, you could use it towards a little treat for working so hard on saving money.

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