Your guide to the best shopping list apps

Your guide to the best shopping list apps
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Keeping your grocery list on your phone and synced between your devices means you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it at home. Here are some of the best shopping list apps for your Android or iOS device.


OS: Web (paid version only), Android and iOS

Price: Free/$9.99 per year (single)/$14/99 per year (family)

The free version of Anylist does a fantastic job of making it easy for you to make and manage your shopping lists. You need to be online to create your account, but after that it can work offline. Anylist’s detailed autocomplete function makes it easy to add things to your list, while the auto-categorisation groups the items sensibly to make it easier to find related items when you get to the shop. It works with both Siri and Google Assistant, to make it easier to make lists and mark items off hands-free while you’re shopping.

You can share your lists by email or text message, or print them directly from the app.

The paid version gives you access to extra features, including a web interface, a meal planning calendar, more options to import and manage recipes, location-based reminders and cloud backups.


OS: Android and iOS

Price: Free/£6.49 per month/£51.99 per year

If you prefer to create shopping lists based on your meal plan, Mealime could be a good fit. As it walks you through a simple setup process, Mealime asks about your food preferences and uses these to help you create a meal plan from their recipe database. Once your meal plan is ready, Mealime calculates the nutritional information, and you can add the ingredients to your shopping list with a click. If you want to sync between devices, you’ll need an account.

The paid version allows you to add recipes from outside sources.

Our Groceries

OS: Web, Android and iOS

Price: Free/$5

Our Groceries is a simple, user-friendly shopping list app that’s perfect for families. Once you open an account, you can sync to multiple lists, and multiple people can edit lists at the same time. If you want to share a list directly rather than collaborate, you can do that easily via your device’s sharing menu.

While the free version is perfectly functional, upgrading to the premium version does more than just remove ads. In the premium version, you can add photos to your shopping list, select from a wide range of themes, and manage your lists from your Android Wear watch.


OS: Web, Android and iOS

Price: Free

As well as the features you’d expect from a basic shopping list app, Bring! has some interesting extras. Once you’ve opened your account, you can add your loyalty cards to the app, create multiple lists, share them, and invite people to participate with your lists.

The app keeps track of your recently added and frequently purchased items, offers shopping suggestions for items you might have forgotten, and has a useful categorised menu to browse for grocery ideas.

Listonic Grocery Shopping List

OS: Web, Android and iOS

Price: Free

At first glance, the Listonic Grocery Shopping List interface looks like a very simple shopping list app. However, as well as the features you’d expect, the basic interface hides an interesting feature: over time, it learns your shopping habits. When you create a list, the smart suggestions feature reminds you of items you’ve previously purchased, just in case you’ve accidentally overlooked them.

In addition, you can use voice input, add prices and photos to your list, and manage your lists from your smartwatch.


OS: Web, Android and iOS

Price: Free

The makers of Uberliste have achieved their stated goal: to simply work. Without an account, you can create and manage lists on a single device. Once you open an account, you can sync your lists with another device, edit them online, collaborate with multiple users, and share lists by email, text, or instant message.

Uberliste sorts your lists automatically into supermarket categories. When you collaborate with others, you can all see the changes in real-time.


Shopping list apps are an easy, convenient, way to keep track of your shopping list and collaborate with others. Making a shopping list can even save you money when you go grocery shopping. All of the apps on this list have a free version, so you have nothing to lose – give them a go!

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